How Sports Massage Can Aid In Injury Prevention

How Sports Massage Can Aid In Injury Prevention

A sports massage therapist will have extensive knowledge of all the muscles that get used when an athlete runs for long distances.

Additionally, they’ll need to know details about your physique, physical advantages, and shortcomings. By these means, they’ll be able to focus on weak muscle areas and reinforce your strength in those areas.

It’s also important to note that running downhill poses different sets of problems than running uphill or running on a flat surface.

Each of the three running modes requires the overuse of different kinds of muscles. Any athlete needs to provide details about their running routine, method, and practise to get the maximum advantage from sports massage therapy.

Last but not least, several ligaments and tendons get used when running. The two types of connective tissue help absorb stress and impact from running.

Your sports massage therapist will also work on those tendons and ligaments to help absorb the impact better or heal faster from the overuse of the two types of connective tissue.

Ligaments are a type of connective tissue that connects your bones. Tendons, also a form of connective tissue, connect your bones to muscles.

Muscle fatigue

At the start of running, we feel resilient and strong enough to keep it up for a long time. However, after some time, we become tired, and our muscles start losing the stamina they initially had.

This state of exhaustion is often described as muscle fatigue. In sports, the condition usually occurs due to repetitive movements and overuse of specific muscles.

The cause of muscle fatigue in sports is usually lactic acid production. Since running is a resource-intensive exercise, lactic acid builds up in your muscles when you run. As a consequence, your muscles become sore and painful.

In most cases, the condition is temporary and generally goes away within days. However, it can significantly decrease your performance if you don’t rest and immediately resume running.

Lactic acid is produced when muscles don’t receive adequate oxygen supply from the blood and become shortened. Sports and remedial massage therapy uses several massage techniques to loosen your muscles.

If you run again before the lactic acid has been cleared out of your muscles, it can lead to muscle injuries.

It takes time for your blood to remove lactic acid from your muscles, repair any damage to muscle fibres, and replenish the essential nutrients for healing. Receiving a sports massage from a certified therapist helps speed up the recovery of overused muscles.

Sports massage to prevent an injury

Since a sports massage therapist knows your weaknesses, they can work on those areas to prevent any future injury. In addition, they can examine the tissues to understand where future injuries could occur. This way, they can identify areas of pain and stress that have remained neglected by you or the paramedic.

Modifications in training

By assessing the condition of a particular tissue, a sports massage therapist either heals that tissue or advises you about training. For example, they can tell you to skip a specific exercise or movement for a defined period of time.

Pre-and post-event massage

For most athletes and runners, a pre-event sports massage helps them perform better in the main event. Pre-event sports massages also have psychological benefits.


Post-event sports massage is one of the best aids in speedy recovery.