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How Therapy Help Your Body Rejuvenate Try Online Therapy Service

How Therapy Help Your Body Rejuvenate Try Online Therapy Service

With online therapy, we help you from your familiar environment, from home or any other location. This way, you still get the help you need, but you don’t have to travel to a location, and you can use your time efficiently.

This can be extra pleasant when you are not physically or mentally able to visit a psychologist. Check out this post to read more about the benefits of this integration.

Video calling treatment has proven to be just as effective as an on-site treatment. Sometimes you can also combine this, then you will see the practitioner several times in his or her practice, and you will have other sessions via video calling. 

You discuss together what works for you. With our expertise and extensive experience in online treatment, the practitioner gives you the same confidence as in the treatment room, but at a distance.

What is online therapy via video call?

Video calling therapy is similar to on-site therapy. What is video calling? The name says it all: this is calling while you see each other. To be able to make video calls with you, a practitioner uses a suitable and safe platform, comparable to Skype.

Watch the video of our psychologist Hannah Lassche in which she explains how online therapy works.

Our therapists who provide online therapy are as competent as therapists who provide on-site therapy. Their care meets the same quality requirements. Many practitioners who give this form of therapy also provide on-site therapy.

Is online therapy safe?

The platforms that our practitioners use meet the NEN 7510 or ISO 27001 standard. Your data is protected according to the applicable privacy legislation. This way we can assure you that it is safe to follow therapy in this way.

When is video calling therapy appropriate?

This form of treatment can help with many different complaints. For example, think of:

  • Burnout complaints
  • Anxiety and / or panic complaints
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems
  • Sexual problems
  • Trauma processing
  • Grief processing

Just like with face-to-face treatment, your practitioner will estimate which treatment method suits your complaints and needs. Together you determine your request for help and how the treatment is further organized.

This is the same as with on-site treatment. The difference is that some forms of treatment are less suitable for therapy via video calling, for example, neurofeedback. The practitioner takes this into account.

There are many other forms of treatment that are very suitable for online therapy. A treatment via video calling is, therefore, just as effective as a treatment on location and is largely completed in the same way.

If video calling therapy is not for me, then what?

In many cases, video calling therapy is a good alternative to an on-site appointment, and we recommend it.

This is because there is direct contact between you and your practitioner, and the non-verbal communication that is missing during a telephone appointment can be a great advantage.

Depending on your situation, we look for a suitable alternative. This can be a telephone appointment with a practitioner, so without an image. Or maybe you can get started with your complaints yourself. 

Using self- help you can work in an accessible way, from your familiar environment, to reduce your complaints. You must receive the correct treatment, regardless of your situation.

What suits your situation?

Do you want to know which form of therapy best suits your situation? Or do you have questions about online therapy via video call? Please contact our referral team. 

They are happy to help you and can provide you with appropriate advice due to their background in psychology. Read more about our online psychologists here.

The benefits of internet therapy

No waiting list

Internet therapy has no waiting list. This means you can often start working on your complaints within a few working days.

This way, your complaints will not get worse during the waiting period, and you will get rid of your problem faster. Also, a long waiting list is often an extra-large barrier to seeing a psychologist.

In your own time and your environment

Working with an online psychologist means working on yourself from your environment and in your own time and pace. You do not have to make an appointment with a psychologist so that you can work on the sessions when it suits you. 

You also often determine the pace at which the sessions follow each other, so you do not have to feel pressure from a deadline.

Your psychologist

If you opt for therapy via the internet, you will be assigned your psychologist who will guide you from the start to the end of the therapy.

Client-oriented treatment

There are big differences per provider in how they approach therapy online.

At Internet Therapy, there is a client-oriented treatment, which means that each treatment is unique and adapted to your problems and story. No standardized programs or standard emails are used.


Finally, online therapy is very accessible. You don’t see your psychologist, and you can tell your story fairly anonymously. You do not need to be referred through your doctor, but you can register online right away.

It is best to estimate whether Internet therapy suits you. For example, do you like to express yourself on paper, or do you prefer to do this in a personal conversation? And are you good with a computer? Are you able to work independently? 

These are questions you can ask yourself to find out if therapy with an online psychologist is right for you. In any case, there are certainly many great advantages to following Internet Therapy.

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