How to Choose a Travel-Friendly Shaver For Men

Choose a Travel-Friendly Shaver For Men

Travelling is part of human life. We travel due to different reasons including work, study, exploring, and more other reasons.

When we travel, we pack things that we will require them while away although not all. We need compact products and a shaver for men is one of them. This will help in maintaining your hair clean and short.

However, getting the best and a travel-friendly shaver may be a difficult task. Shaver’s are from different brands and they are of different quality. When in need of one, you need to consider some of the factors so that you can get a quality product. Here are some of the things to consider.

How to Choose a Travel-Friendly Shaver for Men

Buying a travel-friendly shaver for men isn’t that easy and also isn’t that hard when you know your needs. A suitable shaver should be easy to use and it should give you a clean shaving experience without cuts.

Below are some of the things to consider when in need of a travel-friendly shaver.


1. Compact Size

The first and foremost factor to consider when buying a travel-friendly shaver is its size. When travelling you need to get a shaver that has a small size to make carrying easier.

It should be able to fit in a small pocket in your travel bag giving you room for carrying other items.

2. Charger

More people will prefer battery-powered shavers. If you purchase a shaver which requires to be charged, but that one that will charge fast. Some come with a fast-charger. This will help you save more on time.

It is also good to get that shaver which will hold power for a longer time for convenience. Some shavers are recharged using USB hence more convenient. You should always go for shavers that can comfortably operate between 120 & 240 volts.

3. Safety

When it comes to safety, you should select that shaver that has a headcover or a lock. This will ensure that the shaver’s blade will remain intact. Also, get a shaver that has a strong cable that is well insulated to prevent the dangers of being electrocuted.

You can also check on the plug type. Three pins plug is easy to plug in a socket, unlike the two-pin plug. If you prefer using a razor shaver, you should consider the safe ones (quality).

4. Versatility

This is another factor to consider. The shaver should be easy and simple to clean. You should go for a shaver that can be cleaned with a slash of water and remain as new. Some shavers come with a cleaning station.

This will clean & sterilize the shaver automatically. It is the best idea if you will purchase a shaver that is suitable for both dry & wet shaving.

5. Skin Protection

You should always go for a shaver that has rounded low-friction shield heads. This will help in adjusting to the outlines of one’s face. The shaver will give you less skin damage because there will be no cuts or nicks.

That’s why you need the best beard trimmer. Also, the best trimmer is important for styling your moustaches and beards.

6. Ergonomic Design

Different shavers have a different design which gives you comfort. A good shaver should have a comfortable hand grip for comfort when using. It should also be lightweight to prevent fatigue when using it. Furthermore, your shaver should be able to reach the hard areas e.g. chin & dimples.

7. Cost

The best quality travel-friendly shaver for men is expensive. Cheap shaver will disappoint you in terms of quality & efficiency. However, not all expensive things are of quality and not all cheap things are of low quality.

You can get a cheap shaver which is of the best quality. Quality shavers will always last for long and they are efficient.

8. Accessories

You should choose a shaver which comes with extra accessories. This may include a lubricant.

Some shavers come with a travel case. Shaver’s with a brush makes it easy to clean it and to wipe the stuck hair out of your skin. The brush eases the cleaning work hence maintaining the shaver.

9. Brand

There are different brands in the market today. You should consider the brand that has existed in the market for long and it makes quality products. Brands like Panasonic, Philips, Remington, and more others have been in the market for long.

10. Warranty

Always go for brands that offer a warrant to their products. This will give you confidence in buying their products. If the shaver develops a fault unexpectedly, it can be fixed or replaced with a different shaver for free.

Also, check for products that give longer warranty periods for their products.

11. Blades & Performance

An electrical razor that has multi-fit arc blades & multi-flex spinning heads will give you the best shaving experience. With an electric razor, you will have no cuts or irritation.

This razor will give you a complete shave because it offers complete contact with your skin. With this, you won’t have little patches of hair that weren’t softened by the razor.

A suitable electrical razor will come with dual motors that give more precision when shaving.


With the guidance above, you will be able to get the most suitable travel-friendly shaver. Also, don’t forget to buy shaving creams and other products used when shaving.

With quality and suitable shaver, you will have the best shaving experience. The best quality shaver is durable hence you will be able to use it for a longer time. Always go for quality products.