How To Choose The Ideal Wooden Dining Table Shape For Your Home

How To Choose The Ideal Wooden Dining Table Shape For Your Home

Every home needs a dining table. This is not just where you eat your meals; it’s also where the family comes together and bonds with each other.

When it comes to choosing the perfect wooden dining table, the shape of the table is an important consideration.

The shape ideal for your home depends on your likes and dislikes, the number of people you will be serving at the table, and the size of your room. Let’s take a look at the different shapes you can choose from.

Rectangular Dining Table

When you’re choosing a dining table for a large room or one that is long and narrow, a rectangular table is ideal. This type of table has a formal appeal, and if you’re looking for something temporary for a party, this would be the ideal choice.

Rectangular tables are available in a range of sizes. A 5-foot long table is ideal for 6 people. If you’re looking for an 8-seater table, you would need a 7-foot long table. Similarly, an 8-foot long table would seat 10 people comfortably. In terms of width, the width of a rectangular table typically varies from 40 inches to 48 inches.

Square Dining Table

A square table is suited mostly to large, square-ish rooms. For this reason, it isn’t a very common shape for a wooden dining table. This table shape adds a bold look to the room and is well suited to modern, contemporary décor. Irrespective of the way it is styled, square tables have an air of luxury around them.

In terms of size, a 3’ x 3’ or 4’ x 4’ square table can seat 4 people. A 6’ x 6’ square table would seat 8 people comfortably. If you’re looking for a space-saving solution, you could pick a square table that opens out to become a rectangular table.

Round Dining Table

Round dining tables have a softer appeal and work well in all types of dining rooms. They work well in small spaces as well as large space.

Round tables can be designed to complement classic décor as well as modern décor. Round tables are ideal for banquet parties as well as sit-down dinners.

When it comes to size, round dining tables are categorized according to their diameters. A 4’ diameter table is perfect for compact spaces and can seat 3-4 people. Tables with a 5’ diameter are most common.

It can seat 5 comfortably and 6 at a stretch. For large families, you may want to consider a 6’ diameter table as an 8-seater.

Oval Dining Table

An oval dining table maintains the softness of a circular table while adding a formal look to the style. In a way, having an oval table is the best of both worlds. Oval tables work well in long, narrow rooms. With no sharp edges, round and oval tables are child friendly and hence ideal for families with infants.

There are fewer size variations for oval dining tables. A 3’ x 6’ oval dining table can seat 6 people comfortably while a 3’6” x 8’ table seats 8 people.

Organic Dining Table

When you’re looking for something unique, a square, rectangular, round or oval table will not do. In such cases, you could consider an organically shaped dining table.

How about a table that has curved edges like the slice of a tree trunk? Alternatively, you may want to look at dining tables with uncut wood edges along the length.

Apart from the shape of the table top, you will also have a choice in terms of bases. Legs at the four corners of the table are the most common. The other alternative is to choose a table with central pedestal base. Rectangular or oval tables may have 2 pedestal bases. This type of base is ideal when you’re trying to save space and have occasional guests you may also want to seat at the table.

Irrespective of the shape you choose, always buy a wooden dining table constructed from seasoned, solid wood.

This way you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your dining table will stand the test of time and your family and generations to come will be able to gather for meals around the same table.