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How To Choose Your Moving Company? Read Top 6 Tips

How To Choose Your Moving Company Read Top 6 Tips

It is well known, moving is one of the most important sources of stress for USA people. Changing domicile thus comes third in the most stressful situations, behind the loss of aa loved one and dismissal.

Are you about to move? Do not panic, everything will be fine if you are organized and prepare your move carefully and in advance. For this, using a moving company can be of great help.

Packing your personal effects, protecting your most fragile furniture, transporting it safely to the other end of the country, unloading without breakage (and without lumbago) …The services provided by a moving company can greatly relieve you.

Only, when you know that there are more than 2,000 moving companies in the USA, how can you be sure to find a serious mover and not to come across an online scam?

On the contrary, opting for an incompetent mover can aggravate your state of stress. Find in our article a multitude of tips and tricks that will allow you to find the best moving company Raleigh!

1. Contact several moving companies

First, it is essential to start by requesting several moving quotes from different moving companies. This will allow you to compare the value for money offered by the movers.

In a second step, it will also make it easier for you to take stock of the services that you need, and those that you may not need.

Also, be careful to anticipate your moving date: the more you go ahead, the more choices you will have among the different moving companies.

A minimum of two months before your moving date is generally recommended. This is especially true if you plan to move in the spring or summer, traditionally very busy periods in the sector.

2. Check registration in the commercial register and insurance of the company

The moving industry is governed by various laws and regulations. First, any moving company must be declared to the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

You can check for yourself that this registration has been made by searching for the company’s SIRET number on dedicated sites.

It is also compulsory to be registered in the Transport Register and to have a transport license for each of the moving trucks used by the moving company.

Finally, it may be useful to check that the moving company does have insurance covering the value of your goods, but also the various risks incurred during loading, transport, and unloading.

Do not hesitate to ask the remover for proof of insurance, and check its validity date. 

3. Read customer testimonials

Another essential point for choosing a mover: reading the opinions and testimonials of customers who have used their services in the past.

The ideal would be to get recommendations from friends or relatives: you can be sure that their opinions are reliable. Word of mouth is also an excellent indicator of the quality of service.

However, if none of your loved ones knows the moving companies you are contacting, chances are you can find some customer reviews on the Internet. Google reviews, Yelp, or even certified customer review sites such as Trustpilot or Ekomi …

Take care to preserve your free will. Be wary, for example, of overly complimentary customer reviews, which may have been written by the mover himself, or, on the contrary, extremely negative reviews, which may come from a competitor.

4. Take the time to meet the moving company

Once you have selected the best moving companies, it is essential to take the time to meet with each moving company.

The ideal is to have them come to your home: this will indeed allow them to identify possible access difficulties to take into account on D-Day: a narrow street, a stairwell lacking accessibility, or even a small elevator.

It is also an opportunity for the moving company to get a fair idea of ​​the goods to be moved. Indeed, as an individual, you will tend to omit some or forget to specify those which require disassembly for example.

Finally, meeting in person is still the best way to form an opinion on the seriousness and professionalism of the moving company. You will be able to assess his punctuality, and his skills based on the answers that your contact will provide.

5. Study the quote carefully

Once the final quote is received, take the time to study it carefully. You will have to sift through it, checking these various points: an in-depth description of the services, date, the volume of the furniture, the value of the furniture, precise addresses of the places of departure and arrival, price and terms of payment, guarantee rate, general conditions of sale, or company references.

Beware of moving suspiciously cheap companies. To be able to charge such low prices, it’s a safe bet that the moving company does not declare all of its employees, or is not properly insured.

Remember to also read the fine print at the bottom of the page or on the back of the quote! This is often where we find certain details that must be spotted to avoid a slightly shady offer or even a scam.

6. Be present on the day of the move

You are there, the long-awaited D-day is finally here! You will have to stay there: first of all to check that everything is going as planned, but also to sign and hand over to the moving company certain official documents.

At the start of the move, you will have to sign and give the team leader a consignment note, which aims to prove that you authorize him to transport your goods.

Once the move is complete, you will need to sign the end of the work declaration. Be careful to take the time to check the proper execution of the estimate and the condition of your goods.

Indeed, if there is the slightest concern (missing objects, breakage, etc.), this must be indicated in a clear and detailed manner.