How to Enable Screen Sharing on Skype

How to Enable Screen Sharing on Skype

Skype program allows you to demonstrate the screen in just a few taps. In the classic version, the user has the opportunity to provide general access, both completely to his screen, and to windowas separately.

In the new version of Skype, there is only the possibility of demonstrating the entire screen.

In this article, we will look at how to enable a screen sharing on Skype in all currently available versions of the program for the Windows 10 operating system. if there is also a Dwarf name generator and you can use for creating new names interesting and unique.

We will also look at how to turn on a screen sharing in a new Skype since in recent versions the screen sharing process is slightly different from previously available ones.

The classic version of Skype

The classic version of the program is no longer available for download on the official website of the program. And everyone who previously installed the classic version of the program can see in the main window a message stating that this version of Skype will be terminated soon, with a recommendation to upgrade to the latest version.

  1. We call the interlocutor and press the plus button, which allows you to add participants, send files and do much more.
  2. In the list that opens, select Screen sharing (you can also click on the Calls toolbar > Screen sharing in the toolbar ).
  3. Next, select Share your screen or  Share the window and click the Start button

If necessary, you can Transfer system sounds along with a demonstration of the screen or separately. The current item is located in the same location where the choice of screen demonstration is.

To turn off the screen sharing, select Stop displaying via the plus menu or Stop screening displaying through the calls menu.

The new version of Skype for the Windows desktop

Skype for the desktop replaced the classic version of the program. The current version can be downloaded without problems from the official website of the program or updated directly from the classic version. Its interface is very similar to the version that is distributed in the Windows Store 10.

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In the course of the conversation, click the plus button and select the Screen sharing item.

  1. In the window that opens, note whether it is necessary to transmit sound or just an image and click the Screen Demo button.

Skype version from the Windows 10 Store

The current version of the program is distributed only through the Windows 10 Store. On the latest versions of the Windows 10 operating system, it is already preinstalled. For users, the version from the Store is new and not entirely convenient. The latest version has the ability to share the user’s screen.

  1. After calling the person you are talking to, press the screen sharing button or plus in the conversation window, and then select Screen sharing.
  2. In the opened demo settings, select whether to Broadcast computer sound and click the Screen sharing button .

To stop showing the screen in the plus menu, select Stop showing. In the current version of Skype for Windows 10, transmitting sound separately from the screen image does not work.


Skype program allows users to communicate in different parts of the Earth. To do this, the user needs only a computer and access to the Internet.

This article tells how to enable a screen demonstration on Skype, both in the new version of the program and in the classic one, which still works.

If you have not installed Skype on your computer yet, we recommend that you read the instructions on how to install Skype on Windows 10.