How to Find a Work-Life Balance While Working Remotely

How to Find a Work-Life Balance While Working Remotely

Remote work provides a great way to enjoy your life and work more conveniently from any location. Even so, many people new to remote work mismanage the experience.

They end up spending far too much time working and performing work-related tasks. While this leads to an unhealthy routine, it’s something that can be easily fixed by making a few changes in the way you work from home.

Create a Workspace

Your first step in creating a good remote work routine should be to designate a space in your home that’s specifically dedicated to working. Trying to work from your dining room table or bed just won’t lead to a good balance in your life.

When you enter your work area, you should feel productive and ready to work. That won’t happen if you’re lounging in your pajamas and surrounded by distractions.

If you can’t create a home office out of an unused room, set up an office nook in a corner of a room. Everyone in the household should respect this area and know that you’re not to be disturbed when you’re in your work nook or office.

You’ll find that setting up these physical boundaries will go a long way towards reaching your work/life balance goals.

Start With a Great Morning Routine

You should have a morning ritual that gets you ready for your day without directly relating to the work you’ll be doing. Think about what you would do to prepare for a day at the office. You should still be engaging in these same activities with the exception of making that morning commute.

If you would go for a run right after brushing your teeth and having a cup of coffee, there’s no reason you can’t also go for a morning run as a remote worker.

Other activities to include in your morning ritual include drinking your first bottle of water, eating a healthy breakfast, and taking a shower. You’ll feel more energized and ambitious when you continue to go through these morning rituals.

Keep Your Finances Separate

Maintaining a good work/life balance should include managing your business and personal finances separately. Working from home is very similar to owning your own small business in some ways because there are expenses you’ll incur as a work-from-home employee.

In addition to managing your use of utilities and organizing your breaks to avoid affecting your work output, you’ll also have to supply your own equipment. For example, when you buy a new poly headset, be sure to save the receipt.

Items that you’ll use specifically for work may be tax-deductible. It can help to create a separate checking account that’s dedicated to business or work expenses. When tax time rolls around, you’ll find it easier to manage your deductions this way.

Stick to a Rigid Routine

It’s also important to set a rigid schedule for work and be sure you stick to it. If you decide you’ll be working from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, make sure you are working during those hours. At 4:00 pm, be sure you save your work and leave your work area. Don’t return to your work area again until the next morning at 9:00 am.

This includes leaving work messages and emails for the next morning. It’s important for your work/life balance to leave work behind after the deadline you set. Otherwise, you’ll never stop performing work-related tasks.

Look After Your Health

Even during your working hours, health should be a primary concern. Start by buying healthy snacks to keep in your work area. Keep bowls of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or fresh veggies on your desk to keep yourself from running to the kitchen for less healthy foods. Make sure you drink plenty of water as well.

Remote workers face higher health risks, such as blood clots and degenerative eye diseases, from sedentary practices. You can protect your extremities, eyesight, and spinal health by following the 20/20/20 rule.

For every 20 minutes of work, take a 20-minute break to stretch, walk, and focus your eyes on something that’s 20 yards away. After work, spend 30 minutes to an hour engaged in moderate to high-intensity exercise.

You should keep looking for new ways to modify your work routine to make remote work the enjoyable experience it should be.

Once you create a routine that gives you the proper balance between work and your personal life, you’ll find that you get more enjoyment out of each day. You may also find it easier to reduce your workload and spend more time with a spouse, partner, or family.

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