How to Fix Roblox Keeps Crashing in Windows 10?

How to Fix Roblox Keeps Crashing in Windows 10

Roblox is an online platform where you can play numerous games; these games are specially designed by developers and allow you can build your own virtual world.

However, if there are pros then there are cons too. Many gamers report that while playing games on the Roblex their Roblox Keeps Crashing Windows 10. And sometimes they failed to connect and get various errors like Roblox error code 279error code 267, etc.

Fortunately, gamers managed to fix Roblox failed to connect and crash issue simply by restarting the computer or reinstalling the game. For detailed information read the blog till the end.

How DO I Fix Roblox Crashing Problem?

Solution 1 – Check System Requirements

The first solution in order to fix Roblox keeps crashing is to check your system because sometimes your system won’t meet the minimum system requirement for the game. 

You can run Roblox’s game on both Mac and Windows operating systems. But before start playing the game check the system requirement for your PC as given below:

  • Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7
  • Graphics Card:  PC less than 5 years old with a good video card and for Laptop less than 3 years old with a good video card.
  • Processor:  1.6 GHz and more
  • Memory: minimum 1GB
  • Internet access: minimum 4-8 MB/s

If your system matches the system requirement then move on to the next solution.

Solution 2– Update Windows 10 PC

Updating the system can fix numerous problems related to Windows 10. Many gamers fix Roblox freezing, crashing, and lagging problems by updating Windows 10. Follow the below-given instruction to do so:

  • First click on the Windows Start button
  • Then Go to Settings
  • Click on Updates & Security 
  • After that click on the Check for an update
  • If there is any update available then click on the Download option.

After, downloading the windows latest version install it on your PC. After installation restarts your system and then check Roblox crashing problem is resolved or not.

Solution 3 – Reinstall the Game

Hope the solutions given works for you to solve Roblox keeps crashing problem. But if still facing the problem, then you need to reinstall the game.

If updating Windows 10 doesn’t work for you then you need to reinstall the game.

Reinstallation of the game can solve Roblox’s crashing problem, for that, you have to uninstall Roblox from the PC after that download  Roblox again. To do so follow the given instructions:

  • Click the Windows + R key together to open Run command.
  • Now, type appwiz.cpl and click on the OK button.
  • then locate the Roblox app and right-click on it.
  • Click on the Uninstall button to uninstall the application.
  • Once the process gets complete press the Windows + E key together to open File Explorer.
  • Now go to the following location 

C:\Users\(Your Windows Username)\AppData\Local.

  • Click on the Roblox folder.
  • Then click on the Delete key.
  • Next, go to the Microsoft Store 
  • Download Roblox
  • Then Reinstall the game

After reinstalling your Roblox Keeps Crashing Problem on Windows 10, will resolve automatically.

Solution 4 – Launch The Game As An Administrator.


If you are launching the game with a standard account, this may be the culprit responsible for the crashing issue.

So, in this solution, I will suggest you launch with an admin account and check the problem is fixed or not.

Given below are the instructions to Run Roblox as an administrator on Windows 10.

  • Head to the place where the Roblox Player Launcher is situated. (Default location is C:\Users\YourUserName\Downloads.)
  • Find games exe file
  • Now, right-click on the exe file and select Properties
  • Now go to the Compatibility tab and tick the box next to Run this program as an administrator.
  • Under the Compatibility Mode  un-tick the box next to the program in the compatibility mode option
  • Now, click Ok to save the changes.

After complete, the process checks the Roblox crashing problem is fixed or not.

Solution 5 – Verify Settings of The Game 

Sometimes, Verifying game settings can also fix any kind of game crashing problem. Many games are introduced with their high-quality feature and their high graphics Quality which can lead to freezes, crashes, and lags while playing.

But you can make some tweaks to reduce graphics and other settings related to your hardware. And it can also solve your problem with Roblox keeps crashing.

Follow the below-given instruction to do so: 

  • Start your Roblox
  • Now, click on the menu icon
  • Then select the Settings tab
  • After that click on the Graphics Mode to Manual.
  • Next to Graphics Quality, drag the sides to the left side.

Once the process is finished and the graphics quality decrease, your Roblox keeps crashing problem will be resolved.


So in this blog, we discuss how to fix Roblox keep crashing Windows 10 issues. Here in this post, I tried my best to provide all the information and effective solutions to fix Roblox freezing or crashing issues.

Well try all the solutions one by one and let us know which solution helps you to fix this Roblox crash problem. If you find this post helpful, then don’t forget to share this post with your friends who are facing the same problem. 

Good Luck..!

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