How To Get That Oh-so-cool Biker Look This

How To Get That Oh-so-cool Biker Look This

The biker look is a prominent theme in the United States’ culture. Gone are the days when the word ‘biker’ automatically made you think of a long-haired hulk of a man on a Harley vibing to hard rock.

The new age biker has transcended almost all the age-old stereotypes and established a new realm of fashion and aesthetic that screams ruggedness and grit like no other.

Of course, the ‘traditional’ biker look hasn’t gone out of style and probably never will. Let us see how the bikers’ niche has evolved through the years and how you could achieve the biker look this 2021.  

First of all, let us understand who a biker is. It is easy to confuse the term biker with motorcyclists. However, in reality, this cannot be farther from the truth.

A motorcyclist being someone who rides a motorcycle, is very different from a biker. Being a biker is a way of life, a different philosophy on its own.

People rode motorcycles long before the biker culture existed, but the school of thought behind the biker lifestyle is very distinctive. For a biker, his ride is a possession to worship.

He must care for it and love it in every way. Loyalty to this movement and lifestyle is an integral part of the biker society too. Additionally, the liberty to ride your motorcycle and wearing the badge of honor as a biker is an essential factor too.

The biker look is said to give off the ever so popular ‘bad-boy’ vibe that many people crave. The foundation stone, however, can be laid by maintaining a healthy physique.

Therefore, you may keep that gym membership on top of your list. To have a better understanding of the biker aesthetic, let us have a look at the fashion realm of this lifestyle. A biker has various equipment like different types of headgears, oriental jackets, and many more.

Build your wardrobe

The first item in this list is a no-brainer. The legendary leather jacket is your first step towards biker glory. The leather jacket is an essential part of your wardrobe as the timeless piece is not only practical for a true rider but also screams BIKER like nothing else!

Even though a brown leather jacket is a great option, the traditional black leather jacket is a better choice instead. A rugged jacket, preferably made of authentic leather, is the way to go.

Oriental jackets have massively risen in popularity. Choosing a jacket that fits you well is essential. A cheaper alternative to the leather jacket would be a denim jacket. Pick a grungy denim jacket that showcases toughness.

When aiming for the biker aesthetic, it is worth remembering that ironed elegant clothes are not supposed to be your picks. Go for the distressed, patched, and rugged pieces instead.

Next comes the choice of trousers. This pick again is a no-brainer. Denim in black, blue, or grey works wonders. Guys should avoid skinny-fit or baggy jeans, however.

They are not comfortable options on rides. A boot-cut or slim-fit denim is the perfect middle-ground. For girls, the jeans should be on the tighter side of the fitting scale. Distressed jeans are great for both the guys and the girls. Short skirts are a great denim alternative for girls.

The next item would be leather boots. For guys and girls alike, this is a piece that stood the test of time. Brown or black boots would both look great.

Apart from that, boots are also practical for a rider because of the grip they provide. Also, the unmatched toughness of leather boots is something to take into consideration. For the guys, boots may go up to the mid-calf level. For a biker girl, however, boots can go up to around the knees.

Now come the accessories. A belt with your denim adds a fresh new dimension to your overall look. Other than that, you have a wide choice of accessories to elevate your look, from necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and, more importantly, rings. Everyone knows about the ‘skull’ rings bikers adore. For ladies, you can add on biker jewelry and handbags.

Remember, white shirt, blue and grey denim aside, wear black clothing whenever possible. Bright, colorful outfits give the wrong impression. Furthermore, leather is quintessential!

Additionally, a word of warning- Avoid copying Motorcycle Club logos! They have their copyrights, and no one would like to see you violate them!

Bikes and equipment

While it is true that the biker look in itself is a standout, nothing says biker more than a bike itself. While the Harley has been a go-to choice, a legend in the bikers’ hall of fame, you can go against the common notions and pick a ride that you fancy.

A Kawasaki, Suzuki, or KTM might be good options when looking at more sporty builds. The Ninja and the Hayabusa have been two of the most popular sportbikes around the world. Even in the Cruiser category, Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki have been good alternatives to the Harley-Davidsons.

Effects of a global pandemic

Researches have shown that the measures to fight the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, have taken a hit on physical activity around the globe. Staying at home has also taken a toll on riders throughout the world.

This step is something essential, however. The fight against the virus has the whole human civilization shaken to the core. We can only take safety measures and do our best to recover from this dire situation as soon as we can. Any activity, including riding, comes after the fight for survival.

However, this does not have to be a discouraging issue for veterans and new bikers alike. What seems like a plausible thing to do in this situation is planning out how your riding experience should look once this pandemic ends.

If there is one thing we have learned as human beings, it is the fact that we humans always bounce back, and this should be no exception.

So, this might be the best time to stay healthy, get jacked up to flaunt your new bikers’ wardrobe, build the new biker’s wardrobe and plan for any trips you would fancy in the future. If you do not have a beast to ride, this may also be the time to save up for one future!


Through generations of evolution hence, the bikers community has grown stronger and better. Even the great Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, was a devoted enthusiast.

Now might be the best time to see if this intrigues you the same way. You may watch movies like The Loveless (1981), Easy Rider (1969) or decide to binge Sons of Anarchy (if you have not already). They could help you choose between taking the path towards becoming a true biker or looking like one!