How to Manage Blogging with your Job Effectively


Blogging seems excellent on the surface but the downside of blogging is that it doesn’t offer you money in the starting years.

It takes almost a year or two to stabilize it that’s why no matter how often you burnout, you have to stick with your 9 to 5 job because your job is giving you money and your passion is giving you peace and value only.

So, at times when you feel that you’re burning out and running short of your work routine, read out these tips to manage your side hustle effectively.

1.Make the Most of Your Weekends

Weekends are the blessings for those who manage their side hustles with the job. It’s the best time to work on your most important tasks and give it time, energy and dedication. So, the tasks that need your most focus should be left for weekends.

You can also utilize weekends to plan the tasks for your next week so you can have an effective working week. A good idea is to use the Kanban board to plan out your week and follow it to accomplish the tasks for your whole week.

2.Keep your Job and Side Hustle Separate

When you’re traveling on two surfaces, the most important thing is your time. You can’t afford to waste your time in the activities that aren’t beneficial for you in any means.

Also, you can’t manage to take your office work home. So, be quick and smart and try to manage your office tasks in the office and home tasks at home.

If you don’t balance between both, you’ll burn out later and can take action that can be harmful to your career. So, to manage both, you should keep them separate, it will be productive for you as well.

3.Create a To-Do List

Staying organized in your job and a side hustle is a key to success in both goals. Organizing well can give you more time to plan things for the future and stay on top of your schedule.

So, take any free task management tool and organize your task by creating a to-do list and assign deadlines. The tool will also remind you of the running date and the remaining task you need to accomplish by the end of the month or week.

4.Ask for Help

You aren’t a superhuman and neither a perfectionist so sometimes it cannot be possible for you to manage everything on your own. Taking help from your colleague or any friend will save you from many deals.

For example, if your friends are the writers you can ask them to write a blog for your website. Or you can also ask them for ideas for your blog.

Note that asking for help doesn’t make you less by any means. So, don’t be afraid of asking about it.

5.Be Prepared for a Lot of Work

When you have decided to manage your side hustle along with your job, then know that a lot of work is coming to you. If you aren’t prepared to welcome work then burnout can happen so the best is to be ready for it.

Your job and side hustle together are going to take a lot of your hard work. When you’ll keep this in mind, it will be easier for you to adopt the busy routine.

6.Cut Out your Extra Activities

Time is money when you have many things to manage on your own. So, stop dedicating your time to the extra things that you don’t need such as socializing, checking your phone often and participating in the discussions that aren’t beneficial.

Save your time and spend it on the things you love the most. If there are many projects which you think can be outsourced well, then go for it because outsourcing can give you many benefits by saving your time.

Knowing the project management methodologies can also save you from a lot of hard work as knowledge is a blessing.

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