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How to move cheaper with professionals Movers and Packers?

How to move cheaper with professionals Movers and Packers

Finding a cheap mover is not always easy, as each service involves additional costs. From storage to carrying cartons to installing furniture, the price can go up.

Individuals are sometimes reluctant to call in professionals because they do not think they will be able to find a cheap move.

Here are some tips for choosing a mover at the best price and saving money.


  • Define your needs for a lower moving cost
  • A move alone or with a pro?
  • The economical formula, for a cheaper move
  • Tips for paying less for your move

Define your needs for a lower cost and the best price for your move

Several factors can influence the cost of moving. It is therefore essential to know them to discover the good plans for moving cheaply.

The location of your home is one of the primary criteria. The price will not be the same for an apartment on the top floor of a building with no lift and a more accessible house. If the moving company uses more labour or time for handling, the cost will be relatively high.

The volume of the move can also vary the price of the service. The heavier and bulky your loads, the more you risk increasing your expenses.

Take the time to make an inventory of all your goods by categorizing them by room (living room, bedroom, kitchen, and others).

Thus, you can have an overview of their volume in m3 thanks to the volume calculator (Section Prepare my move, Volume calculator tool ).

If the total exceeds your estimates, you can organize a garage sale and sell any items that are no longer needed. It’s a good time to sort through your stuff and make room: you’ll save money.

The mileage to be covered is also a primary criterion. If you plan to move to another department, you should plan an additional budget for transportation costs.

As an indication, your bill can increase by up to 50% for a distance of more than 500 km, and conversely, 

Find out in advance what time of year you can get a cheaper move. You can choose the off-peak seasons (fall and winter) to move at a lower cost.

During the summer period, most professional movers charge a higher price because they are more in demand, or even often full! Remember to anticipate your requests.

Know that you will need equipment or accessories to move your goods in the best conditions. You must first define the most accessible options to limit your charges. You can also contact a company of cheap movers who offer flexible rates.

By requesting free quotes from Artisans Movers you will be able to identify the offer that best meets your needs. Thanks to quotes from several movers in your area, you will have a basic rate for cheap moves.

A move alone or with a pro?

Like 70% of individuals, you may also be tempted to move on your own. This idea is an alternative for a cheap move.

This option is indeed less expensive, but it is far from easy. Before embarking on this adventure, consider weighing its pros and cons.

Moving alone is the best option if you have a tight budget. It allows you to make savings a priori because you will only have to rent a cheap truck to move.

You can also borrow the utility vehicle of someone you know to reduce your expenses as much as possible. In this case, all you need to do is fill up with petrol for the comings and goings.

By choosing this method of moving, you can prepare the boxes according to your availability. You take your time to sort through all of your belongings and organize them as you wish.

Although this option is the best solution for a cheap move, it can hold surprises for you during the assessment. Taking charge of the preparation of cartons, handling, transport, unloading represents many constraints and risks. Moving alone is not only trying, but it takes time.

You must organize the preparatory phases by yourself, from the purchase of the boxes to the administrative procedures.

The parking authorization request is one of the steps that must be carried out a few days before D-Day. On your own, you can’t do everything, so you will probably have to call on other people to help you. help.

Another constraint: packing the boxes and handling are far from being a pleasure. You risk piling up fragile boxes on top of each other. You end up with broken or damaged objects.

You don’t become a mover overnight. Although the tasks seem easy at first, there are many ups and downs that you will face. You may also be faced with an additional cost by making a mistake in the volume estimates. In the case of a calculation error, you risk making several trips back and forth, which will end up being more expensive.

To have peace of mind during your move, solutions are at hand. Thanks to the attractive offers of cheap movers, you can benefit from the service of a professional team while respecting your budget. Ask for a quote to find out how much a move costs.

The economical formula, for a cheaper move

The moving companies have established a very wide price schedule to meet the expectations of their customers. Whether you are looking for a “turnkey” service or a cheap move, you can find the offer that suits your needs.

The price of the move generally depends on the means deployed. The more time and human resources your movers have spent, the higher your bill is likely to increase. In other words, if you carry out part of the tasks, you can be sure to reduce your costs.

The economic formula is intended for individuals who are looking for cheap movers. The service includes only part of the tasks to be done. These are the loading, transport, and unloading of all your belongings.

If you choose this offer, you will have to take care of the preparation of the boxes and the protection of fragile objects.

Plan to buy a complete moving kit (cartons, adhesive tapes, bubble wrap roll, markers, self-adhesive papers, scissors, etc.) to facilitate packing.

When the movers have finished unloading all your belongings, you still have to unpack all the boxes, install the furniture, then connect all the household appliances.

The economic formula is the ideal offer for a cheap moving. It involves your participation before, during, and after the move. But, in return, you benefit from many advantages. This moving rate is the cheapest on the market.

If you choose a superior service: the standard formula, the moving company provides you with the boxes, which saves you additional costs. By entrusting handling to the movers at the best price, you can also move with peace of mind.

You can ensure that all of your fragile items are restored to good condition. Thanks to their expertise, the movers take care to protect your furniture and household appliances against scratches or damage during transport.

Tips for paying less for your move

Boxes are essential accessories if you plan to move at the lowest price. Many websites offer the sale and delivery of boxes of different sizes. You can also get them for free from restaurants, DIY stores, shops or supermarkets.

The rental of ferries is also one of the possible options for transporting your equipment while reducing your loads. Unlike cardboard boxes, these containers do not require tape.

For transportation, renting a vehicle with a driver is a solution to find a cheap truck to move. The fleet is extensive because you can choose the type of vehicle that suits you.

The loading volume can vary from 3 to 110 m3. By opting for this service, you can enjoy a secure means of transport. Most moving trucks have a padded interior to protect your furniture from impact.

This rental service with the driver is an advantageous option for a cheap move because in general fuel is already included in the rental price.

For transportation, you have the choice between a few options for a cheap move. Thanks to the one-way package, you can benefit from the best prices throughout the Metropolis regardless of the region where your new home is located.

It is also possible to choose routes without a toll (the toll by truck is higher than what you pay with a car) to reduce your charges. However, many routes are not passable by moving truck, going through a professional can save you from mishaps.

To connect Paris and Le Havre, you can save money by travelling the A1 motorway to Lille. If you wish to reach Marseille Bouche du Rhône from the capital, some sections of motorways located around Lyon are free.

Montpellier remains the closest city to this destination. By choosing to a group, you can considerably reduce your expenses. Shorter journeys, like the routes between Bordeaux and Toulouse or Nantes and Rennes Ille and Vilaine, are also interesting.

If you stay around Paris as in Ile de France, you can move freely whatever your destination, whether in the department 92 or the department 93.

Allowances are also part of the means to move inexpensively, you can get bonuses in case the move coincides with the birth of your third child.

In the private sector, employees can also benefit from assistance if their move is caused by mobility. You can find out from the list of profiles of aid recipients to find out if you are one of the eligible applicants.

Whatever your needs, you can easily obtain a cheap moving quote thanks to Artisan Movers. Your request is sent to professionals selected for their geographic location, their fleet of trucks, and their handling equipment.

This will allow you to plan a budget to move in peace thanks to the flexibility of the offers, which allows you to obtain the lowest price and quality adapted to your moving project.