How to Use the Jonathan Adler Vase as the Best Decorative Piece

How to Use the Jonathan Adler Vase as the Best Decorative Piece

Many years have been gone, but vases have still used as a piece of decoration.

However, now the days’ decorative vases are used for holding the flowers in them. Besides these, they are also used as independent pieces of decoration.

The main impressive feature of the vases is that they are used as decorative centerpieces for your home or office, such as Jonathan Adler vases. If you are thinking of decoration with vases, then you go through these tips.

Consider These Important Factors:

If you don’t have vases already and you want to buy a new vase for your home, then make sure to take into account these three fundamental factors:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Size

Besides these above factors, you also need to decide the type of vase you need, such as ceramic, glass, metal, or wood vase. You should keep in mind the whole design of your room before you choose a vase.

The primary purpose of considering the theme is to make sure that the vase matches the room décor perfectly.

Types of Flowers

  • Sadly, you can’t put all types of flowers in a vase. The main point to consider is the size of the vase before placing flowers in it.
  • If your vase has a narrow base and an oversized or wide mouth, you should opt for flowers with big petals like lilies and dahlias.
  • For the narrow vase, single stem flowers like sunflowers and roses are an ideal choice.

Decorative Pieces

If you want to keep the vase as a decorative piece, you can go for it as on the table; it will look more refreshing.

You need to put some decorative elements like marbles, stones, seashells, or dried leaves in the vase. These items reflect too well on the transparent vase.

Other Creative Ideas

There are tons of other creative ideas are available to arrange your vases, such as

  • For the contemporary style and look, you can line up few vases on the table. Just make sure that the vases are of the same type, color, size, and shape.
  • You can also use the candles to put beside the vase for creating the romantic theme. So there are several ways you can use vases at home.


The main thing about the vases to decorate your house is that vases don’t cost too much money. Just by spending little money, you can buy a beautiful vase with flowers for your home.

These are few tips about how to use the vases in different ways in your home. If you already have a vase in your house, then all you have to do is use your skills and creativity to design it in the best way.

Jonathan Alder is a unique vase with traditional touch available in the store. Could you go and check it? If you want to beautify your room with these decorative vases. We suggest you follow the tips to get the best item.