Ideas For A Comfortable And Organized Kitchen Worktops

Ideas For A Comfortable And Organized Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops, drawers and drawer bins: organization, capacity, and accessibility

The base units of kitchen worktops like Granite, Marble, Quartz are structured completely in large capacity drawers. These elements are located in the most ergonomic area for the user, facilitating the organization and localization of content.

The upper-level drawers have a modular base, on which removable accessories can be integrated such as cutlery holders, spice holders, knife holders, or paper towel holders. Check out this best kitchen worktop supplier in UK and EU.

Drawer bins, on the other hand, are perfect for storing large crockery, frying pans, and utensils. The plate accessory allows you to store dishes safely and the wooden dividing boxes are very useful for keeping the contents in order.

The under-plinth drawer extends the capacity of low furniture to the floor, taking advantage of all the height and depth available.

Thus, it is possible to have up to four easily accessible storage levels. The face of these drawers tilts inward to avoid tripping over when working near the countertop.

Ergonomics: Close At Hand.

One of the main trends in kitchen design is getting the most out of walls, with solutions that keep more ingredients and utensils close at hand.

In its new collection of kitchen worktops, furniture, we offer a design in which the wall perpendicular to the worktop is covered with a sliding display cabinet. Behind the windows, a panel with shelves segments the entire space up to the ceiling.

The set is completed by an LED lighting profile which, in addition to providing light on the work surface, incorporates sockets and a multi-accessory holder such as, for example, a paper towel holder and supports for containers, hooks, or shelves.

Integration: More Solutions In Less Space

The kitchen furniture designed by we presents multiple integration solutions, designed to facilitate tasks, promote the organization, take advantage of space and reinforce the diaphanous character of the rooms.

Column cabinets, for example, integrated appliances and storage solutions in a compact and organized way.

Removable furniture, with fronts that can be temporarily hidden on the sides of the cabinet, can include ovens, shelves with LED lights on the back, and even an auxiliary work area.

The latter, having a worktop, a lighting profile, and sockets is ideal as a breakfast area, or to use small appliances without having to change their place.

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