India The World’s Second-largest Tile Producer And Consumer Country

India The World’s Second-largest Tile Producer And Consumer Country

In 2018, India maintained its position as the world’s second-largest tile producer and consumer country.

Production increased from 1,080 to 1,145 million sq.m (+6%), while domestic consumption fell slightly to 750 million sq.m (-1.3%).

The ceramic cluster in Morbi (Gujarat) has continued its rapid growth and is now estimated to have more than 500 production lines, many of which are devoted to products for export (some Gujarati sources already indicate a much higher level of production).

Exports have continued to grow strongly, rising from 228 to 274 million sq.m (+20.2%), consolidating India’s position as the 4th largest world exporter country.

In value terms, exports reached 859 million euros, equivalent to an average selling price of 3.1 €/sq.m, one of the lowest figures for all major exporter countries.

Saudi Arabia remained India’s largest export market with a 20.5% share of total exports (56 million sq.m, -2%). Next came the UAE (17.8 million sq.m, +21.6%), Iraq (17.6 million sq.m, -6.3%) and Oman (16.7 million sq.m, +19%).

Exports to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Qatar saw double-digit growth. After starting an export activity to Mexico in 2016, India maintained a good level of ex- ports to what is the only non-Asian country among the top 10 markets for Indian tiles (15.3 million sq.m, -6.4%).

Overall, the Asian continent absorbed 67.8% of India’s exports (185.7 million sq.m, +13.5%), Africa 14.4% (39.5 million sq.m, +48%), North America (NAFTA) 6.4% (al- most entirely in Mexico), Europe (EU + non-EU) 7.3% (20 million sq.m, +61%) and South America 3.7% (10 million sq.m, +43.2%).

Among the most tile consuming countries, India maintained the third position in 2013, with about 6.5% of all tiles produced in the world. China and Brazil again shared the first and second position respectively.

However, among the leading tile exporting countries, there has been a change in rankings. While China still led the way at number one position, European countries like Spain and Italy took the second and third rank respectively.

China exported 1,148 million sq metres of tiles in 3013, while Spain exported 318 million sq metres. Italy followed closely shipping 303 million sq metres for the overseas market.

USA bagged the top position among importing countries, importing as much as 160 million sq metres. Saudi Arabia and Iraq took the second and third positions respectively.

Ceramic tiles are a durable, low maintenance, stain and water-resistant material that are practical for use in a wide variety of building surfaces due to these features.

They also come in endless colors and designs, which also makes this an attractive material to build with.

Mosaic tiles are an example of ceramic tiles that are intended for artistic purposes first, while also providing the practical usefulness of ceramic tiles as a building material.