Learn And apply for Different China VISA

Learn And apply for Different China VISA

If you plan a trip or visit for a business meeting or education purpose, a China VISA application is mandatory. It is required for entering a foreign country for a different purpose.

China VISA is classified into different categories ordinary and diplomatic VISAs. The Ordinary VISA’s is categorized in alphabets such as C, M, L, F, R, Z, X1, X2, J1, J2, G, D, Q1, Q2, S1, S2.

Here Is a Detailed Explanation of All the Visas For CHINA


The C visa is issued to the crew members working for the aviation industry, sea navigation, missions, incorporated any family member with them.


The J VISA is issued to the Journalist working in china or coming from foreign countries for a temporary period. It is classified into different categories.

  • J-1 VISA- The VISA is issued to journalists residing in China for a year.
  • J-2 VISA- This VISA is issued to foreign journalists residing for a shorter period of time.


D-VISA is considered as the green card that allows the foreigner to settle down in China permanently.


The M visa is issued to people traveling from foreign countries for business and trade purposes. The sole purpose of acquiring this visa is a work-related visit. This allows the individual to stay in China for less than six months without employing and are not liable to get paid from china entity or employers.


This visa is concerned with the transit of foreigners through china and has the same cost as L Visa that travelers majorly acquire.


L visa is issued to the foreigners who acquire China visa for travel purposes. Tourist visas are offered as single, double, or multiple entries depending on the stay of 30 to 90 days. The duration of 90 days allows you to explore the different parts of china without any hassle.


F Visa is issued to foreigners invited to China for non-commercial purposes such as research, lectures, foreign exchange programs, and cultural exchange. This China Visa covers a wide range of activities alongside it has availability of single and double entry visa and 30-90 days.


R Visa is for the highly qualified individuals who are needed to work in China for the work-related purpose that aids to the benefit of China.

This visa is considered under the work permit classification system, where the individual with the higher designation is allowed to visit China and showcase their skills for the betterment.

Before you apply, it is advisable to read the rules and regulations. There are chances it might have changed by the government.

This visa provides the stay for 180 days and with the validation of five to ten years. Under this visa, the individual’s family members and children are allowed to visit China.


The Q China visa is issued to the foreigner who is visiting their family members. It allows the entry of spouses and other citizens visiting China for personal reasons and foster care. Q visa is classified into two different categories Q1 and Q2.


Q1 visa is issued to the family members of Chinese citizens and permanent residents who want to stay for more than 180 days. It is available as a single entry.


Q2 VISA is issued to family members of Chinese citizens where the family members want to stay for a temporary period. This visa is valid for five to ten years and allows multiple entries.

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