Memento for Travelers to Have

Memento for Travelers to Have

Travelling gives you the opportunity to have a glimpse of certain places. Not just a glimpse but get to experience everything there is that needs to be experienced. You get to experience the culture, the food, the people, the scenery and everything there is in a place.

This is why most travellers always have souvenirs of a certain place that they visit. A memento that would remind a traveller of the places that they have been into. A proof that they have been into places. A proof that they share with family and friends to experience as well. Nowadays, a photo is not just enough, you crave for more to imprint the experience in your memory.

In this article,  I have come up with a  list of souvenirs that a traveller should have as a memento or souvenir not just for one’s self but to share with family and friends as well. As all of us are aware that it has become the norm that when someone comes from another place or another country, a memento or a souvenir is a must to share with family and friends. So, be sure to take note of the helpful tips as you read along. It might come in handy in the future.

Our first on the list is the never-ending supply of T-shirts as a souvenir. It is practical and easy to have for the traveller. Who in the world would not love to have something that they can use? Aside from it being useful is the pride of wearing something as a gift from someone. And of course, the feeling that you are able to wear something that comes from miles away.

Second is the jewellery or accessory in which the raw materials used in making it is from a country that is foreign to you. If you are from a city of a country which is miles away from the beach, you will surely love a pair of earrings made of seashells, who wouldn’t. Or what about a necklace or a bracelet made from bamboo, you would surely flaunt it. You can consider it a masterpiece. A masterpiece that is affordable for a traveller to buy.

How about a bobblehead on our third list? For some who don’t know what bobblehead is, it is a small figure which has a large head that is being attached to its body with a spring that makes it move up and down.

Imagine yourself owning a unique bobblehead wearing a national costume of a certain country. Awesome, right?  To own lots of bobbleheads wearing different country’s national costumes is such a magnificent collection.

Bobblehead is a unique souvenir and it is not included in the list of traditional souvenirs but as we are evolving so does new ideas. It is not just unique but you can personalize and customize the bobblehead which I’m sure the person who will receive will surely love it and adore it.  To learn more about this unique memento you can visit the site

The fourth on our list is the postcard. This is the traditional souvenir for travellers, dating way back decades ago when access to T-shirts raw material and t-shirt printing equipment are not that easy.

A postcard is way more personalized as you can write some notes on it and you can send it to your friends and family even while you are still on your trip. And what is more endearing to it is when it is sent from the post office of a certain country. Imagine yourself receiving something from a faraway place especially from a place which you have never visited in your entire life. It is sort of magical in some ways, isn’t it?

The fifth on our list is treats. It can be a bar of chocolate, chips, dried fruits, candies and a lot more locally produced food product of a certain country.  Just a box of locally made chocolate or chips would surely melt the heart of the person you are going to give that to as a memento.

Much more if it’s a mouthwatering treat. No matter how small something is if it is from someone who thought of you while on his trip is such a heart-touching gesture.

The sixth and the last on our list is the art. You can have a tiny marble statue or a medium wooden one. For travellers who have friends and family who are artists, this is the sure thing to have as a souvenir. I am definitely sure you can see their eyes shining like a bright star in the dark sky!

The souvenirs listed above are just six (6) of the many that a traveller can buy and share with friends and families. Whenever you buy something for yourself or as a gift to loved ones always remember that it is not the amount that matters. Big or small, cheap or expensive it does not matter because what matters the most is the thoughts and the hear-warming gesture of the person.

So, there you go travellers, no need to worry about what to have for souvenirs. There is no more need to worry if you don’t have that much budget to buy for souvenirs, remember it is the thoughts that matter the most. Pack your bag now and enjoy every place you want to visit and experience!