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Most Commonly-used Packaging Supplies to Consider for your Products

Most Commonly-used Packaging Supplies to Consider for your Products

Do you remember the time when you unboxed the packet of your brand, new cellphone or your newly purchased laptop?

You could see the number of packaging supplies used to keep your merchandise safe and sound.

The plastic packaging, the bubble wraps, the corrugated wraps and obviously the cardboard box, each one of these are so important when a product is being transported.

Packaging materials play a major role in the perceived value of a product. Very strangely, there hasn’t been much of a change in the packaging industry as compared to that of the constant innovations that are being made in the portable technology.

With so many options available in today’s market, let’s look at some options that you can use to not only transport products but also enhance the overall customer experience.

Packaging materials

Cardboard Boxes

One of the most commonly found packaging supplies UK is cardboard boxes. Found in single-walled, double-walled, parcel mailing boxes postal mailing boxes and so on, these are cheap and user-friendly.

What proves a good cardboard box? When the items inside the packaged boxes remain well-protected and do not move much at transit.

Also known as corrugated boxes, the main raw material used to make corrugated boards is usually recycled paper, which is made on high-precision machinery known as corrugators.

These packaging boxes can be reused and recycled again and again as a major source of pulp fibre.

When it comes to office or house moving, cardboard boxes are the most essential and easiest method to shift your things.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard is a lightweight, yet strong paper-based material. It can be cut easily and moulded too to give custom shapes, according to the shape of the product. This feature makes it an ideal option for personalised packaging.

Paperboard is made by turning fibrous materials from wood, pulp from waste paper, and then bleach it.

Paperboard packaging comes in various grades, suitable for all sorts of packaging requirements.

Solid bleached sulphate paperboard or what is known as SBS paperboard can be used for packing a lot more products like juice, milk, cosmetics, frozen food and a lot more.

Kraft paperboard are good for people who like to prefer environment-friendly packaging, made of recycled papers. Kraft paper packaging is less-resistant to moisture, that makes it less suitable for food products.

Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes as a packaging material is more durable than the paperboard boxes. If you want to preserve food items which are perishable, use plastic boxes to package the products.

It will help you to preserve the quality of food, and you can easily eliminate the issue of contamination.

Also, plastic boxes do not break easily and thus your food is safe in those even under extreme conditions.

Also, since these boxes are usually transparent because of its ability to showcase the products from different angles even without opening the package.

It is lightweight and flexible too. It is also cost-effective as it can be easily reused a number of times.

Rigid Boxes

I’m sure people always wonder what type of packaging are the best and safest for the costly gadgets and watches.

This too is a type of a cardboard but is of a premium kind, and more durable. This type of packaging material is called a rigid box.

Rigid boxes are made out of highly condensed paperboard which is around 4 times thicker than the paperboard that is used to construct a standard folding carton.

Compared to the other packaging options, rigid boxes are one of the most expensive packaging styles available.

High-end luxury couture, jewellery, gadgets, perfumes and expensive cosmetics are transported in these rigid boxes.

Chipboard Packaging

These are used in medical, electronic, food and beverage industries. A chipboard is also a kind of paperboard that is made out of reclaimed paper stock and can easily be moulded. Just like the cardboard packaging, this too is a cost-effective option for your products.

But you won’t be able to use chipboard packaging if you need to transport heavy products.

Rather it is easy to carry tissues, cereal boxes, crackers etc. Also, if the storage environment is moisture laden, a chipboard packaging won’t be a favourable option in that case.

Excessive moisture or humidity can easily weaken chipboards and result in discolouration and expansion of the material.

Parcel mailing polybags

A parcel mailing polybag is made out of thin, plastic film. It is another common type of packaging material that can carry a wide range of products.

Polybags are lightweight, durable and flexible. These can be customised fully (design-wise) but also remain cost-effective. And all this just because they can be re-used so effectively.

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