Nocturnal Emission Causes And Its Treatment

Nocturnal Emission Causes And Its Treatment

Nocturnal emission is caused by excessive seminal fluid in the male body, it is because of the thin consistency of seminal fluid, weakness of male sex organ or excessive use of semen generating food.

When a male does not perform any sexual activity for a longer period it leads to a wet dream as it’s a natural phenomenon, that sperms have to come out. But this is normal as women having their periods.

This can also happen due to overdoing masturbation which causes the human brain to generated sexual thoughts while sleeping that leads to a wet dream. It is also known as nightfall.

This sort of condition can be found in almost every other male these days. It is also normally found in teenagers. When they are in their teens or their early adultery, this disorder is commonly observed in males.

But there is no need to be worried as in teenagers this disorder is considered normal. But when a male crosses his adultery, excessive seminal discharge or wet dreams while sleeping can be a cause of concern.

Some males find themselves very concerned about this sort of condition, but there are multiple treatments for such a condition. This condition is common around the globe irrespective of regions. It is also a very common issue for teenage boys or even for adults.

It is known as ‘ehtalam’ in the local language and there are a lot of clinics that are offering its treatment. Ehtelam ka ilaj in Lahore is also done as you can find great clinics for such treatments over there.

Causes of nocturnal emission

Semen is produced regularly in the male’s body. If a male does not discharge the semen through masturbation or any other intimate activity, it is released during the sleep.

During the night, male penises become erect for a while which is completely normal and it happens two to three times in one night.

If a male has not released sperms for a long time then a lot of semen would accumulate in his body that has to come out eventually so it normally happens as nocturnal emission.

And if the person does not discharge by masturbating or having sex, the body will discharge it during one of these times when the penis is erect in sleep which is generally called wet dreams.

Wet dreams are no cause of concern but sometimes it becomes very frequent that causes stress and embarrassment for males if they sleep with their partner. As the excessive discharge of sperms in sleep even when you are sexually active is considered as a weakness of the male sex organ.

Treatment of Night emission

Most males do not need any treatment for nocturnal emission as it depends on your hormones. Once hormones get to settle it usually becomes less frequent as you move into your 20s.

They may be more frequent when they aren’t doing sexual intercourse or masturbation. Increased sexual activity may lead to a decrease in the count of wet dreams. If you have still such an issue then you should consult with your doctor about nocturnal emissions.

There are allopathic as well as homoeopathic treatments invented for this kind of disorder. You can find the best doctors for men’s sexual diseases. Nasim Fertility Center is one of the best fertility centers that you can find in Lahore, Faisalabad, and Islamabad.

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Excessive nightfall in men is essential to be treated properly. This sort of condition can make a man fall into psychological problems like low confidence and anxiety. Sometimes it leads men to avoid sleeping with their partner because they feel embarrassed and depressed about their condition.

There are a lot of ways for this condition to be treated. Many men prefer the usage of herbal products as compared to medical treatment as natural remedies are one of the best treatment options for this disorder.

Here we have jotted down for you a few extremely useful natural remedies/ treatments that can help you to get rid of night emission or wet dreams disorder.

  • Bananas are beneficial in nocturnal emission. You should eat two bananas with half-cup of milk every day, till 3 months. This helps a lot with nocturnal emission or nightfall.
  • Drinking Sage tea or herbal tea before going to sleep also helps with not just nocturnal emission but also helps with ejaculation.
  • Eating yoghurt or curd is also one of the bests natural treatment for night emission.
  • Stop smoking and use of alcohol.
  • Make a drink of 10 gms onion juice, 8 gms ginger juice, 5 gms honey, and 3 gms of clarified butter, drink it before sleep. It will decrease the count of wet dreams.
  • Make a habit of listening to light but pleasant music or reading good books before you go to going to sleep.
  • Try to raise the take of Vitamins like B12, E and C as these vitamins keep you function healthily regarding your sexual health.

These are some of the easiest and beneficial natural remedies for the treatment of nocturnal emission.

These remedies are pocket-friendly as well as easy to keep up with if you are a busy or a lazy person and don’t have time and money to see a doctor. You can go for these natural and effective home remedies too.

Other tips for Nocturnal emissions management

  • Erotic dreams are one of the reasons for nocturnal emission.
  • Continual stimulation resulting in orgasm.
  • Seminal fluid is the major quantity in the composition.
  • Common during adolescence to get relieved from night failure.
  • Lack of sexual intercourse.
  • Wet dreams are common in young age.
  • The reproductive system becomes activated.
  • Medical advice help to manage.
  • Increased sexual activity.
  • Involuntary ejaculation is also more common.
  • Sexually aroused dreams.
  • Erectile dysfunction is due to neural damage.
  • Premature ejaculation at an early age.
  • Sexual function is also activated.
  • Nocturnal emissions can be managed.
  • Night emission includes ejaculation for a male or vaginal wetness.
  • sexual pleasure is physical signals felt by the body.
  • Home remedies for nightfall and wet dreams problem in men.
  • sperm count ranges from 15 million to more than 200 million per ml.

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