Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil With Argan Oil Review


Was a quick review on one of my newest favourite products so it’s getting colder outside. So if you have dry skin this is not our time of the year. But I found a product that’s going to help your skin stay moisturize and look healthy and glow.

It is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil. This stuff is amazing. One is formerly with a cocoa butter this formerly provided me and it’s also formulated with argan oil and natural oils. This is going to help lock in moisture.

  • Multi-purpose cocoa butter formula skin exclusive blend of key ingredients such as palmer’s cocoa butter.
  • Improves the appearance of scars stretch marks dry damaged skin uneven skin tone ageing skin and fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Free of scars stretch marks dry damaged skin uneven skin tone ageing skin and fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Palmer cocoa butter formula for skin therapy oil.
  • Body oil worked skin feel. Argan oil-free of mineral oil.
  • Mineral oil parabens add lightweight formula in order to quickly absorbs.

All right. It’s made for scars stretch marks damage and dry skin uneven skin tone. And for Asian skin. All right. I’m going to take it out so you can see how it looks.

This is going to run you about eight to ten ninety-five depending on where you purchase it. It’s available at Target’s Volvo at Walgreens old Wal-Mart. You can find this product.

They give you a lot for the month that you paid for. And this first I want to say that this smells amazing too.

It comes with a pump. OK, so I’m going to show you like how my hands are dry right my eyes dry hands. I’m just gonna put a little bit on OK massage it in and you can see how to moisturize my skin looks.

My skin looks really good here. And it’s not greasy at all and exhausted right into the skin. So this is the hand that I put the oil on. And this is my dry hand.

But my actual hands. All right. So this is great. This is a good moisturizer you can use this on your body use on your face because it’s all over for all over your body and just hills the skin from dryness and it gives your skin a nice glow leaving it healthy and it smells amazing.

This is most definitely a goal to product for me. Perfect for the once in time perfect for your legs.

I’d like a nice little shine so it makes a little glow but like I said it’s not like shiny or anything. It just gives your skin a nice glow in the leaves your skin super soft. All right.

They also this one is made with argon oil but they also have one made what roles have oil which I would like to get my hands on. Schools have oil as a means for the skin. All right. So if you guys have any questions let me know.

I did do a blog post on my blog at beauty health and Carl’s dot com where I have photos and more information about this product.

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