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Read Through : How To Be The Perfect Houseguest

Read Through How To Be The Perfect Houseguest

There are times we want to travel yet save money at the same time. How do you deal with it? Instead of paying for expensive hotels or alternative accommodation places, have you tried staying with friends or family?

Although staying with friends or family saves you big bucks, it comes with a price– you need to bring with you an extra layer of sensitivity and consciousness. Every great host deserves a perfect houseguest.

Thus, we want to share with you some helpful tips on how to be the perfect houseguest. Follow these etiquettes to be everyone’s favorite houseguest– you might be invited back!

Do not go unannounced. Let the host know

It is never a good idea to show up unannounced– or worse; you show up with a plus one. You might enjoy spontaneity, or you want to surprise your family or friend, but they may find it inconvenient. Have the etiquette to inform the host about the details of your stay.

Let them know in advance about your visit, how many days you plan to stay, and when you are leaving. Give them time to prepare and make plans for their schedule.

Do not hope or assume that you can extend your stay once you are at their place. They might have other plans to do, so do not make any assumptions. 

Be thoughtful, bring a gift

The perfect host will go out of their way to prepare for their awaited houseguest– they might have cleaned the house, laundry the sheets, or anything that will make you most comfortable during your stay. The least you can do to repay their hard work for the preparation is to arrive with a gift.

Be thoughtful, and show your gratitude. There’s no need to haul something grandiose. You can go for a bottle of wine, a basket of pasta, or anything you know that would make their heart flutter.

Ask about house rules

Remember, each home is different. When you arrive, gently ask the house rules to avoid any misunderstandings.

Although they will tell you to make yourself at home, there might be things that may offend them. That’s why it is best to ask the general policies and rules.

What time do they start the day or go to bed? Do they have children or pets? Should you leave your shoes somewhere? Be in tune with the hosts, and avoid putting yourself into an embarrassing situation. 

Lend a hand when necessary

Your hosts are not there to serve you. Lend a hand when it is necessary. Are they preparing a delicious meal? Ask if they need a hand.

Does somebody need to take a laundry run? Offer your help to accomplish the task. Does their dog need a stroll to take a dump? Volunteer and take their fur pet for a walk

Whatever the task– it might be pet care, dish wash, or laundry, let the host know you are happy to help. They might be shy or trying to be polite on the first or second time you lend your hand, but eventually, they will give off some of their chores. 

Respect personal space

During your stay, the daily life of your host continues. They need to drop their child to school, go to work, and many other things they have to do. Give them personal space and be self-sufficient.

You can ask them for suggestions on what you can do around the city but do most things independently. Although you can invite your host to join you with your adventure, do not assume that they will.

You are on vacation, but they are not. So, let your host know your plans and when you will get back at the end of the day.

Treat hosts to a nice meal

If you are a kitchen genius, prepare them your signature dish (but wash the dishes afterward). But, if you are a bit shy with your skills, you can ask your hosts of which restaurant they would love to eat and treat them a nice meal.

Once you are out for dinner, it is time to catch up with them, considering they might be busy during the day, or this could be the only chance you have.

Bring your toiletries

Do not assume that you can use any of your host’s toiletries. These are personal items, and they might feel awkward to lend it.

If you forgot to bring a toothpaste or soap with you, inquire about where you can buy a new one. Although they will most likely offer theirs, it is best to take the initiative first.

Clean out the bed and the dirty towel you used

Do your host a favor; not all of the hosts have a maid service that can clean up after you, so clean up before you go. It’s an easy way to show that you care for your hosts. Leave the place as clean as when you arrived.

Triple check the bathroom and bedroom for your belongings, strip the bedsheets, pillowcase, and towels you have used during your stay.

Put them in a pile or laundry bag, make them ready for dry cleaning. Some hosts might say it’s unnecessary but, they are just shy and polite. Go a little extra on this. Spend an extra hour before you depart to helping them clean. 

Leave a parting gift and a thank-you note

It is possible that during your stay with the host, you have known what they like or need. Make use of the information to buy a parting gift.

Show your gratitude and decency by giving them a parting gift and thank-you note.

Let the hosts know how you have appreciated their hospitality and efforts. They did not have to host you, or they could have turned down and made some excuses. But, they opened their homes to you and made you feel at home.

Thus, a quick note and a parting gift are enough to let them know how grateful you are. 

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