Read-through QuickBooks Web Connector Error (QBWC)1085?

Read-through QuickBooks Web Connector Error (QBWC)1085

Do You Know About QuickBooks Web Connector

QuickBooks web Connector is an accounting application that allows entering QuickBooks computer and QuickBooks factor of Sale to connect with third party web-based programming software.

Often, you could face some problems at the same time with the use of this software. QBWC1085 error is one of the examples of such error. There is a similar error called QuickBooks Error H202 that users face in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks software web Connecting error program is a general error that occurs at that time of the active working of the QuickBooks application.

Additionally, this error is linked to the log files and documents of the QuickBooks application that occurs when the user tries to discharge the company document files, and due to this, the users may obstruct themselves to prepare the log document and file.

When the QBWC1085 error displays on the screen, you will receive an error message like this “QuickBooks web Connector is unable to prepare the log record” or “there is an issue with the log file/ document”.

Signs and Symptoms of QBWC1085 error

Below are the signs and symptoms of this error:

  • Improper functioning of the QuickBooks application.
  • Freezing of the QuickBooks application periodically for a few seconds.
  • Windows gets unresponsive.
  • The screen displays this message “QuickBooks software Web Connector has failed to prepare the log record”.
  • The inability of the QuickBooks application to write to the web connector log file and document.

Causes for QuickBooks Web Connector Error 1085

  • Damage or corrupted web connector program uses the ‘TXT’ extension file. 
  • QuickBooks web connector tries to get data to the QuickBooks application from a third-party web-based software program.
  • An older version of the QuickBooks application.
  • These types of errors will have a different number after the alphabets such as QBWC – 1005 to 1085 which may be linked with the Log file any other issues with the Web Connector program or your QuickBooks application for Desktop.

Solutions to solve the QuickBooks Web Connector QBWC 1085

Below are the solutions to fix this error:

Solution 1. 

  • Press the ‘Windows+R’ keys together from the keyboard.
  • The screen will display the ‘Run’ window.
  • You need to type ‘MSConfig’ and then click ‘Ok’.
  • Choose the ‘Startup’ tab.
  • Look and check-mark the QuickBooks Web Connector box.
  • Click on the ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’ button.
  • Restart your system and check if QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085 is fixed or not.

Solution 2. 

  • You need to go to the ‘Taskbar’ menu and right-click on the icon of QuickBooks Web Connector.
  • Click on Exit and go to the ‘Windows File Manager’ menu.
  • Proceed to “C:\ ProgramData\ Intuit, then QBWebConnector\ log folder”.
  • Right-click on the ‘QWCLOG.TXT’ file and click on the ‘Rename’ option.
  • Change the name to ‘QWCLOGOLD.TXT’ and click ‘Save’.
  • Start the Web Connector program again.
  • Reboot your computer and open the QuickBooks application again.


This article has covered almost every information and instructions regarding the QuickBooks Web Connector Error 1085. QuickBooks Error H505 is a similar error in the QuickBooks application.

If you still get any problem or want any professional help or guidance, you can freely call this number: 1-877-349-3776.

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