Sales Management: How To Motivate Your Team

Sales Management How To Motivate Your Team

Motivation is one of the most important factors in sales management, as it directly contributes to your team’s behavior. It is a fundamental part of success.

lead generation company’s management can influence salespeople’s performance in two dimensions: skills and motivation.

The improvement of skills is a more objective process, which can be done with courses and workshops and measured with precise metrics.

Motivation is a more difficult variable to understand and influence. Different people respond better to different stimuli. In this text, you will learn about some effective strategies to get your team excited and committed to hitting even the most audacious goals.

Establish a relationship of trust

The foundation of motivation is trust. It is not enough in sales management to build a relationship with customers. Salespeople must trust management. The basis of trust, in turn, is transparency.

Good management defines priorities and makes objectives known to everyone. When the whole team knows where to go, it’s easier to get there.

A good way to create transparency is to improve access to information about products and customers through an ERP program that integrates data from different company sectors.

In this way, every business representative better understands what is happening in real-time and can act more quickly to anticipate and solve problems.

Set recurring goals

One reason everyone likes games and sports is that these activities have clear goals. It’s easy to know who won and how to win so that you can do the same.

Set daily, weekly and monthly goals, with equivalent rewards. Depending on your team’s profile, you may prefer a larger number of individual or collective goals and awards.

Some people play better on their own, but a reward for the team has a bonus: some of your salespeople will strive to motivate others, improving the outcome.

Understand how professionals prefer to receive feedback

Each salesperson has different goals. Some prefer to receive rewards only in cash. Others can be motivated by a trip, a career promotion, gifts, or an award ceremony with a trophy and everything.

In addition to understanding what motivates them, good sales management work includes figuring out how they want to receive feedback.

Some people do not mind receiving criticism in the face of others, but some prefer private feedback. Some like to chat live and prefer to receive performance reports by email.

The important thing is to respect individual preferences without giving any impression that the rules are not the same for everyone. Feeling wronged is the first step to losing motivation.

To awaken motivation in salespeople, anything that creates a positive climate in the company is worth it. Those who no longer feel highly valued will not suddenly work better because they offered.

Good sales management, which nurtures a healthy culture of clear goals and constant feedback, can turn your salespeople into true consultants for the customer.