Sleeping Problems? 5 Things it Could Be

Sleeping Problems 5 Things it Could Be

You have probably encountered unusual sleeping patterns to the point where they disturb your mind. It is a common problem that people experience from time to time.

While most people assume it, insomnia is a dangerous condition that needs immediate attention as it could have drastic effects on the psychological state of mind. Here are some agitators of sleeping problems.

Working Through the Night Shift

We live in difficult economic times, and everyone is trying to have ends meet. Working the night shift is a common cause of unusual sleeping patterns that gradually become a usual trend.

The human body gets designed to observe specific biological clocks. When such a pattern gets distorted due to working the night, you may gradually begin to experience difficulties on typical nights when not on duty.

Experts recommend that an average adult should sleep at least seven to nine hours a night. It amounts to a wake-up call to all employers to consider the value of having their team players get enough rest.

In addition, specific policy interventions may play an influential role in controlling the number of hours workers should be on duty during the night shift.

Psychiatric Complications

A series of psychiatric issues such as depression and anxiety can largely contribute to unusual sleeping patterns. The human mind has to be in the right state to oscillate into sleep for the sole purpose of resting.

However, depressed or anxious minds cannot induce sleep. Extra caution and attention from the necessary professionals help ensure that such complications get addressed on time before they escalate.

Psychiatric issues that provoke sleepless nights require professional intervention. The patients would be gradually led through a therapy session program to control psychiatric complications that may affect the regular sleeping pattern.

The professionals address the root causes of depression and anxiety for the person involved. Watch out as antidepressants are given may also predispose you to a sleeping problem.


TMJ disorder can also induce sleeping problems. According to TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, a center that specializes in TMJ treatment in Raleigh, NC, any displacement of the mandibular bone can redirect tongue position enough to create barriers to airways during certain sleep positions.

The blockage of air elicits breathing problems that keep you awake. If you suffer from TMJ, getting professional help may help. Finding the root causes of the problem begins your journey to effective treatment and recovery.


There are genetic factors in the human system that easily trigger sleeping complications. Narcolepsy is one of the most common genetic disorders that provoke sleepless nights.

The condition of narcolepsy is associated with abnormal signaling in the human brain beyond the normal. Due to this brain dysfunction, you may quickly experience overwhelming daytime drowsiness.

At night, it becomes challenging to sleep when your body is inactive during the daytime.

Medics recommend a series of drugs to address narcolepsy. The drugs stimulate the central nervous system to send the right signals to the brain to stay active during the day.

Modafinil (Provigil) is recommended as one of the best drug stimulants to address genetic issues of narcolepsy. Medics strongly advise detecting such sleep imbalances resulting from the genetic disorder on time for early interventions.


A poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in America revealed that they begin to adopt unusual sleep patterns that affect their daytime activities as people age.

Besides medicinal stimulants, therapeutic interventions remain the best option. For an aging population, support from family becomes one of the best therapies to treat sleeplessness.

Families can track their sleep patterns to immediately detect inconsistencies and seek the best intervention before it is too late.

The basic concept of sleep during the night is to get enough rest. However, this easy option may prove inadequate in abnormal solutions. Any solution must address any inconsistent sleeping pattern on time to maintain the nature of life.

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