Small Guide on the Local Sponsorship in Dubai, UAE

Small Guide on the Local Sponsorship in Dubai, UAE

Under the UAE Companies Act, starting a business with a limited continental company involving foreign investment requires the participation of a local sponsor.

Business partners must be UAE citizens or legal entities. Finding local sponsors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is always challenging for new Emirates newbies and entrepreneurs. Local sponsors are UAE citizens or UAE nationals (known as Emirates).

The local sponsor does not interfere with the LLC’s ongoing operations. Overseas companies have to pay a flat rate annually for services offered by local sponsors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A company’s business partners are similar to local business partners, except that the former are business units and the latter are individuals.

Business partners are legal entities wholly owned by UAE nationals and consist of a board of directors. Profits and revenues of foreign companies do not have to share with sponsors.

Sponsorship is mandatory for a large number of companies that fall into the retail and commercial categories.

Why Do You Need Local Sponsors?

It can be a complicated process as a person who is not a true investor but based in the continent of the UAE will receive around 51 percent of your company’s shares. You will only receive about 49 percent of your total shares!

There are many documents involved in finding a business environment in mainland Dubai because documentation will take months, even if you have local sponsors.

Local sponsors will help you to build a business in Dubai

From brand registration to space requirements for your business and everything you need to know about having a local sponsorship Dubai.

How To Find the Right local Sponsor For your Business?

It’s hard to find a good guy these days because many scenarios could make you a bad boy. For this reason, corporate regulatory consultants provide you with the best possible service to have a local sponsor or service agent for a low fee.

  • Find a local sponsor who will have fewer communication problems and who can schedule meeting times based on your business needs.
  • Check the history of local sponsors and other family circles to avoid future problems.
  • Keep in touch with local sponsors for a healthy professional relationship.
  • Be careful when handling documents and other legal files.

Benefits of Local Sponsor

  • Documentation process within the time limit.
  • Starting a business will produce more productive results.
  • Having the right sponsors to support your business setup in UAE and Dubai can attract more investment.

How To Find Trustworthy Local Sponsor?

Local sponsors have a well-known history with us which provides a strong sense of assurance for their services.

Any new sponsors without a rating will not be available to you.

Our company’s relationships with local sponsors can make it easier to resolve most legal issues.

The sponsors we provide have the best professional and spiritual well-being because they will not harm your business.

Different Types of Local Sponsor in Dubai

There are two types of sponsorship that every company has. For now, read in more detail about the kinds of support.

  • Local sponsor

The local sponsor will account for 100 percent of the total investor stake. Local service providers or company representatives are appointed as owners of the company and own 0% of its shares.

  • Local Service Agent (LSA) Benefits
  • Local service agency (LSA) fees are not exorbitant.
  • There will be more freedom to do day-to-day operations in Dubai with less agent intervention.
  • There is no hassle in processing these various operations.
  • 100 percent share ownership.
  • Disadvantages of Local Service Agents (LSA)
  • The local agent can remove his name from the license in case of legal issues.

The unavailability of a Local Service Agent (LSA) may result in delays or related operations.

  • Corporate sponsor

A sponsor who gives you the advantage of being an advisor and another legal entity represents you as a corporate attorney.

  • Corporate sponsorship benefits
  • The sponsor is less distracted from legal transactions.
  • After the sponsor’s death, there is no pressure during the transaction.
  • Lawyers carry out formal procedures.
  • Loss of corporate sponsorship
  • It involves several complications, such as high costs.
  • Further documents and documents are required to carry out a formal agreement

Local sponsorship fee in Dubai

Various kinds of packages are available to attract local sponsors in Dubai. Business startup consultant. You can get sponsorship offers by registering all your interests with us. Getting a sponsor usually costs AED 5,000.


Find a local sponsorship for a new business startup in the UAE can be a daunting task, but it’s straightforward and reliable with Precious Point. We are your sleep partner with a minimum annual fee.

We have direct relationships with regulatory authorities and can speed up the documentation process.

Outside the designated free zones, partnerships with local sponsors require. A foreigner in the UAE who has obtained resident status is only allowed to set up his business in the free zone if he has a partner of an Emirates national.

UAE nationals will serve as local representatives of the company and serve as representatives of the company’s public sector.

A local UAE sponsor can put you in touch with the right resources, network, offices, and partners to build and grow your business. Sponsors can manage your vision for success.