Starting An Ecommerce Business The Right Way

Starting An Ecommerce Business The Right Way

What is an Ecommerce?

Ecommerce a shortened version of electronic commerce which means a business model that lets co-operations, firms, and individual organize business transaction that involves buying and selling of products on the internet.

These products vary from digital to physical products. There are different types of E-commerce but we will be focusing B2C (business to consumer).

The insight on Ecommerce

Ecommerce primary is to help a business extend its primary reach for the products and services they offer. For reference in 2019 November 11th, Alibaba (Aliexpress, DHgate, Taobao, and 1688) sold products worth $38 billion to 78 countries.

That’s what eCommerce is all about but in other to succeed when starting an eCommerce business at first, there are certain requirements that an eCommerce business should have to guarantee success.

Build the eCommerce business as a brand

People often rush into starting an eCommerce business without taking the necessary steps to establish a brand for the business. Two questions to ask yourself to understand the brand of an eCommerce are:

  • What does business represent?
  • How would a consumer describe the business?

The first would provide an understanding of the core of what the business represents giving an understanding of who the audience is. The second question provides an understanding of how the consumers view the eCommerce which is the most important to building a brand.

A brand provides an eCommerce business with a reputation which in turn creates a connection between the business and its consumers.

Get a USP and a business tagline

A business tagline is usually a phrase that helps describe what the business is all about. Often it’s short and quite easy to remember to create a personalized experience with consumers.

Some popular business taglines include “ Just do it” and “Life is good” to name a few. USP is short for unique selling proportion.

Get closer to the target audience

Getting closer to the target audience intended by the eCommerce is the best way to understand and know how best to improve. It also creates trust between the consumers and the business.

These can be via social e-commerce platforms, podcasts, and guest blogging. It creates a sense of awareness and purpose in the eCommerce business.

Linking up with influencers

Putting up advertisements on Google and on Facebook isn’t quite enough for today’s digital marketing. An external effort is required in other to tap into potential customers.

Influencers usually have a circle of large followers on social media platforms whom the trust information coming from the influencer.

There are multiple ways of leverages this opportunity to generate engagement towards the eCommerce business. Influence help generate leads quickly and promote business brands


Starting an eCommerce business isn’t quite easy but following the proper steps helps create a successful lunch which could be the maker or break of an eCommerce.