Take Care Of Your Health By Growing Basil At Home

Take Care Of Your Health By Growing Basil At Home

A person can be happy only if he or she is healthy and for which healthy food should be eaten.

Those who are healthy can be more productive as they do not take any day off from their work because of illness and can look attractive as well as their skin is healthy.

To have a healthy body, a person should do regular exercise and eat healthy food. This is a misconception among the people that only those who want to lose weight should do exercise but this is not the case as exercise is helpful for all kinds of people.

It has many benefits and one of them is relieving stress. Also, people should have a balanced diet which should contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, calories, etc.

People usually consume proteins and calories in the form of meat and fish but do not eat green leafy vegetables which are also essential for their health. You can grow your own veggies and herbs at your house which would be organic as well.

You can buy the small plants of these herbs and vegetables from any online nursery by getting the online delivery of indoor plants.  

There are many herbs that are easy to grow if you want to grow the plants for the first time and one of them is basil. 

Basil basically is a plant of tropical climates and does not be watered regularly. There are multiple varieties of basil and some of them are listed below. 

1. Dark opal basil

People use the dark opal basil for ornamentation because of its purple color and it can grow up to eighteen inches tall. 

2. Greek Yevani Basil 

Greek yevani basil has the same qualities as spicy bush basil.

3. Pesto Erpettuo Basil 

Pesto Erpettuo basil has some features of Greek Yevani basil but it is different because of its variegated leaves with white and green color. 

4. African blue basil 

The leaves of African blue basil are more solid as compared to other types of basil which begin to grow in blue color and later on turn as green when they grow.

This variety of basil can have lots of flowers, so can attract lots of pollinators which can be essential for your other plants.

If you want pollinators for some of your plants then you should buy plants online of these kinds. This is a perennial variety, therefore can survive in almost any season. 

5. Thai sweet basil

This basil is used in many Thai and Vietnamese cuisines like in different kinds of pasta and fishes. You can have more aromas and flavors in your pasta by adding fresh leaves grown at your house whenever you want. 

6. Holy basil

Also known as Tulsi, holy basil is worshipped in India and people consider it auspicious to plant it at the center of the courtyard. People who are not so religious should have this plant at home owing to its health benefits.

This is eaten for boosting immunity and for treating cough, cold, etc. People add the leaves of tulsi to the tea. Usual tea that people take contains caffeine that can be harmful to health, so they should take herbal teas which can even keep them hydrated.

Likely, they should prepare the tea only with tulsi. One can even purchase the tea bags of Tulsi from the market but there is no better thing than making tea with fresh leaves of Tulsi. Thus, you should order plants online instead of ordering tea bags of herbal teas. 

7. Greek columnar basil

Greek columnar basil is low maintenance basil as it bears almost no flowers, so you do not have to cut the flowers so that the plant can focus on its important parts. You can grow this plant if you get less time to take care of plants. 

8. Spicy bush basil 

The height of spicy bush basil can be between twelve to sixteen inches and as its name suggests it can be bushy. It can have some spiciness but not spicy. It has leaves of small size which is up to one inch. 

This is how one can boost immunity and be physically fit by growing herbs at home and consuming fresh leaves from them. 

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