The Best Tile | Grout | Stone and Glass Restoration Products of 2020

The Best Tile Grout Stone and Glass Restoration Products of 2020

Day by day and year by year the home restoration industry changes. There is a plethora of tile, grout, stone and glass restoration products flooding the market every year.

Some promise cleanliness, while some promise durability. There are few that keep up to their claims and fewer still that actually deliver whatever they claim. But pFOkUS products have stood the test of time.

In the year 2020, as you are seeking quality hard surface restoration products to give your homes and buildings a makeover, here is a list of the best products you should select. 

Best Hard Surface Restoration Products of 2020

1. Imperia Deep Clean:

Grab our best tile and grout cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean to eliminate all traces of germs, mould and stains from your natural stone floorings, walls and grout.

This deep penetrating cleaner is capable of removing all signs of mould and stains from your porous tile and grout, without harming the surface.

2. Caponi

Shop Caponi to seal your grout lines and to render them waterproof. It is our start product – a strong epoxy resin adhesive that is available in more than 40 shades.

It can also be shaded with Sentura to seal your surfaces and colour seal your grout. Your DIY home improvement ideas should also include sealing your grout if you want them to remain clean and intact for long.

3. Celine

After cleaning, do not forget to seal your tile, showers and countertops using Celine – our clear topical solvent to add a lovely sheen and a waterproof layer on your stone, to prevent further damage and staining.

Celine is not bulky like other sealers and delivers a natural shine while also protecting the surface.

4. Sentura

Buy Sentura to repair cracks, chips and holes in your grout and tile. This two-part pigmented titanium-based epoxy resin adhesive is a perfect alternative to caulking.

With Sentura, you can get rid of your old, dirty and mouldy caulk and seal your shower corners permanently.

5. Benaz

Grab Benaz– our glass surface cleaner to remove hard water stains, etching and soap scum from your glass doors.

Benaz is easy to use and instantly removes all the filth from your glass, leaving them clean and clear. Render a sparkling shine to your surfaces with this alkaline glass-approved cleaner.

6. Valore Glass Sealer

 Remember, only cleaning will not guarantee that stains would not form again. You need to seal the glass after cleaning with Valore glass sealer. It forms a waterproof layer on the surface and prevents further staining.

This sealer prevents hard water stains or soap scum from forming deep-rooted stains. Moreover, you can also prevent your glass from etching marks with this sealer. 

7. Valore Maintenance:

You cannot prevent superficial stains from forming on your glass surfaces even after cleaning and sealing. Valore Maintenance is a superior quality cleaning product that makes your weekly maintenance easy and effortless.

It is a combination of glass sealer and cleaner, which has been made with Repela – Technology that efficiently cleans and seals at the same time.

This glass door sealer and cleaner repel water at a hydrophilic level making the water sheet off the glass surface.

Imperia Maintenance:

Imperia Maintenance cleaner is a weekly maintenance natural stone cleaner which makes your cleaning job easier and with less effort.

Once you have removed the stains from your tile and grout, you can use Imperia Maintenance Cleaner which acts as a fresh cleaner leaving the surface sparkling clean and free from grime. 

1. Tile & Grout Cleaning Brush:

A good quality grout cleaning brush is not only a very practical cleaning accessory but it also gives your cleaning a boost.

You should scrub your grout lines using a tile and grout cleaning brush from pFOkUS to ensure uniform cleaning.

This brush is not abrasive and does not cause any harm to the grout. It has high-quality bristles that swivel easily and help you remove all the hidden stains. 

All these products are currently reigning the charts in 2020 under best hard surface restoration products.

Grab these today to give your homes and commercial complexes a durable and healthy makeover.