The Job Skills Most Demanded By Recruiters

The Job Skills Most Demanded By Recruiters

The job skills that recruiters most demand are usually associated with certain fields, such as innovation, productivity, new technologies and efficiency.

In fact, having job skills is increasingly important, approximately 20% of current jobs are at risk of being lost, since their performance will be carried out by machines.

The writers at Cheap Assignment Help UK carried out a study which resulted in the report Capacity Lacks. In it, we already notice the importance of obtaining soft skills, which seem fundamental to be competitive and relevant in today’s business world.

The job skills recruiters look for

Currently, any professional could end up working for companies in any country in the world. Most recruiters do not look at the nationality of the candidate. But they do look closely at their qualities, their competencies and their curriculum.

Therefore, associated with proper training and high experience, you have to have key job skills to access relevant jobs that complete the resume and make you more employable.

According to the requirements of the world-famous Burning Glass Technologies company, the most important skills must be these.

1.Problem solving ability

Among the skills that recruiters look for, the ability to solve problems stands out. Given the inconveniences of day to day, companies do not want complaints, they want solutions.

2.Customer Support

Psychologists say that a kind and educated person is happier. But, in addition, he will also be a better professional. Some experts such as Howard Gardner, from Harvard University, say that you cannot be a good professional if you are not a good person.

Be that as it may, the correct treatment with the client is paramount. Hence, this is one of the most important job skills recruiters look for. Because customer service is essential for the proper development of the task, especially in jobs for the public.

3.Proper communication

Among the skills recruiters are looking for, good communication is also basic. What good is a great idea if you are not able to transmit? Hence, in the current company, a correct capacity to express opinions, ideas, concerns, reports or dialogues is necessary.

In addition, good communication must be adapted to the context of the company. In this case, not in reference only to the verbal discourse, also to the writing, because the wording is also considered communication.

4.Correct writing

That said, we enter this fourth point that comes up to communication. A recruiter will observe your resume skills from the first moment when he observes your writing.

When writing, we send messages. Hence, it is essential to do so in a clear, concise, well-structured and with the ability to express ideas in a diaphanous way, directly and without detours and, of course, without spelling or typographical errors.

5.Information Hierarchy

The ability to search and rank information is another skill that recruiters look for. It is necessary to demonstrate competence to know where to look, separate the important facts from the expendable ones and be able to analyze data objectively and economically.

6.Computer literacy

It seems strange, but among the most sought-after job skills, the ability to handle technology remains a primary point. There are still professionals unable to adapt specifically and successfully to computer science and even the Internet, which has a negative impact on their employability.

7.Management software management

According to the previous point, among the labor skills most demanded by companies is the management of management software. To a greater extent, a specific control of Microsoft Excel and Word is requested. However, today it is important to know how to use other free software such as Google Spreadsheet or Libre Office.

8.Organizational capacity

The employee’s job performance must also be notable for his or her capacity for the organization. The ordering of tasks and functions, the ranking of them according to their importance, the ability to organize the agenda and meet the objectives is basic.


Finally, it also highlights the projection, that is, the ability to anticipate future projects, knowing how to distinguish business opportunities that make it grow alongside the company.

10.Soft skills

Among the most demanded job skills of today, so-called soft skills have grown with special strength in recent years. What are they and why do they matter so much?

As per research of Law Assignment Writing Service Writers for Business report highlights these abstract but very important competences for job performance and highlights some that can make a difference:

1.Development mentality

Want to grow constantly.


Provide an original touch and find creative solutions to all kinds of problems.


Avoid interruptions and constant distractions with social networks, conversations with colleagues…


Being able to imagine and adapt new ideas developed with originality.


It is important, in addition to having good ideas, to be able to communicate them clearly and correctly.


Being able to tell a story with an attractive, engaging touch, knowing how to use all kinds of resources.


It is essential to be respectful of the environment, with other cultures, with different ways of thinking, with organizations and nationalities, etc.

8.Critical thinking

Ability to analyze, understand and evaluate from an objective and sensible point of view.


It is the possibility of leading teams and groups of people for a common goal.

10.Emotional intelligence

People with the gift of people, able to communicate, understand their emotions and those of others and use that understanding for their own benefit.

All these skills for a resume are in high demand by current recruiters. That is why it is necessary to work them daily, improve them and, those that do not have them, acquire them. That way you will become a more employable and capable person.