The Pros and Cons of Google Chrome

The Pros and Cons of Google Chrome

The pros and cons of Google Chrome have become something of a topic of conversation these days. For example, How does it compare to Mozilla Firefox? Is it going to be a big success or a huge flop?

Basically, the reason why so many people are talking about this relatively new web browser is because it works great and is much faster than most other web browsers.

This new web browser is the latest in a long line of highly successful browsers designed by Google. In fact, according to most people, Mozilla Firefox which holds the 2nd biggest market share after Google Chrome is not even close to being as fast as Chrome.

Now, let’s thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of this relatively new web browser.

Pros of Google Chrome:

1. First of all, it comes with software like Software Reporter Tool and Software Clean-up tool. They help Google Chrome to find and destroy any harmful software that may cause problems to its functionality.

This way it ensures a great browsing experience with an oversimplified interface. The Software Reporter Tool also sends the scanned information to Google which also helps Google to modify the browser according to the user experience.

2. The biggest advantage of Google Chrome is that it can take a tremendous amount of load. You can open multiple tabs at the same time without fearing about any crashes.

This is possible because of its unique architecture every tab and plug-in run on its own and don’t interfere with the others. This means if one Tab or Plug-in crash it won’t affect the others which add extra security to it.

Now, if you are like me, you will probably have several of your favorite web browsers open at once while browsing the internet.

And because they are all using different protocols, it can sometimes take a while for them to read each other’s information.

This can be very frustrating, especially if you have been waiting for a download to finish so you can continue your surfing.

3. It has a super interface and with a superfast loading time it has all you need to do your job right up with one click. And I would say this is the biggest pro for this new web browser.

If you have used the other browsers then you have noticed that if a site has a slow loading java ad then your loading speed slows down tremendously.

But it doesn’t happen with Chrome and instead, it isolates that java program and decreases the loading time.

Cons of Google Chrome:

1. Now, there are surely some cons of Google Chrome. For example, the Chrome Software Reporter Tool which reports Chrome about any application which may interfere with its work can consume way too much space.

For example, if you use Windows 10 OS then you can face a problem called windows 10 software reporter tool high disk usage. And we all know how irritating it is if your computer starts lagging a lot.

The Software Reporter tool also sends the scanned reports to Google which may raise many Privacy concerns. Especially, after the new GDRP rules Google Chrome has faced many concerns from the European countries.

2. Google Chrome is relatively a new browser and Google has put many futuristic efforts to make it cool. However, this has also become a big problem for users.

The thing that it doesn’t allow any more customization to it has raised many problems.

For example, if you have multiple tabs opened at your browser and click on the close option you will not see any warning like the other browsers it will just close itself.

3. Google Chrome is becoming more and more popular every day and people are hesitating to use any other browser besides Google Chrome.

Recently Microsoft has announced that its browser Edge will start using the Chromium’s open-source program which is an open-source version of Google Chrome.

And if it starts happening with all the other browsers then Google Chrome will have a monopoly which is not a good thing.


It is clear from the above discussion that Google Chrome has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to its usability.

But we have to understand that this a relatively new Browser which is undergoing various changes.

And we can expect that Chrome will surely overcome its disadvantages to give us a seamless browsing experience.