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The Ultimate Guide to Packaging and What is Inside a Custom Cartridge Packaging?

The Ultimate Guide to Packaging and What is Inside a Custom Cartridge Packaging

A Little History

The idea behind this invention was to replace nicotine-based smoking with an electronic cigarettes. The first invention was made in America by scientist Herbert A Gilbert in 1963. Gilbert aimed to create a nicotine-free flavored vapor.

There was no commercial intention, but only the reason behind it was doctors warned people about the dangers of nicotine.

The reason behind this was almost 50% of American men and 44% of women were smoking. The first idea consisted of a battery-operated e-cigarette but in a bigger size and non-rechargeable.

Almost 40 years this invention was dumped. Then Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who also worked in Agri research. Unfortunately, Hon’s father died due to lung cancer, and he was also a cigarette smoker.

So, he started looking for alternatives to quit smoking cigarettes. Hon found ways to extract suitable flavored liquid and used the same method to heat with the coil to smoke as Gilbert used earlier. Hon’s vape was registered and available in 2004.

Nowadays, vaping or electronic cigarettes have become the most popular smoking method. This industry evolved much because there is no THC included in vape liquids that are harmful chemicals in regular cigarettes.

4 Parts Included in a Vape

  • Tank
  • Dip Tip
  • Battery
  • Coil

A tank in a vape is a container that holds extra vape liquid and then transforms that liquid into the coil next to it. On the other hand, vape cartridge packaging is the most important for keeping the vapes safe.

A Dip Tip is a tiny opening to deop e-liquid into the vape; it increases the reusability of the vape. You just need to buy e fuel separately and then fill e-liquid through a dip tip to start smoking again.

A lithium-ion rechargeable battery is installed in vapes to power its coil to operate the vape. The battery is also a reusable part of the vape; you need to recharge the battery close to the end.

The coil is the most critical part of the vape as its function is to heat the vape liquid with the power of the battery and let you smoke with pleasure.

How Vape Work?

An e-cigarette or vape may look like bit complex, but its functionality is straightforward. Since you know about all the parts included in a vape now, let see how they join together to work perfectly.

When you press a button to turn the device on battery starts powering it. The electric current provided by the device goes to a coil heater.

This heated coil is inside a wicking material, and that material is soaked into your chosen flavor. When the coil starts heating due to electric current, liquid also heats up and starts producing fumes, or you may say vapes. The process continues until the device is off or liquid is ended.

Types of Vapes

There are thousands of flavors available in the market these days; you just need to choose a refill or cartridge according to your taste and enjoy the same vape again.

There Are Three Main Categories of Vapes

  1. CigaLike
  2. MTL Classic kit
  3. DTL Sub OHM kit

Cigalike is the category that is most popular among beginners. It looks exactly like a regular cigarette that is included with disposable liquid filled.

Initially, when someone wants to quit traditional harmful cigarettes, they try this version that looks like same, and they can change to tobacco smoking anytime. Moreover, Cigalike is an inexpensive solution for smoking vapes.


Same cigarette feel

Low-Cost solution

Very easy to use

Completely discrete

MTL Classic Kit is a vape that looks exactly like a pen and has tanks to refill. You can choose any flavor from many of them available in the market.

MTL stands for mouth to lungs, which means this is the way or a method of how vapors are inhaled. Dence liquid generates more smoke and long battery life than a cigalike. Its flexibility also includes a replaceable coil.


Simple and easy to use

More flavor than prior cigalike

Pretty Long battery

More Dense smoke produce

Sub Ohm or DTL kits are the regular standard size and comes in many styles and sizes. With a larger rechargeable battery, this one lasts longer than all others. A refillable tank is also included in DTL kits.

Its name stands for direct to lung, i.e., DTL direct to lung. More experienced persons usually use these vapes; it comes with many customizations and more flavor options.

DTL produces heavy clouds of smoke, then a cigalike or pen vape. These are boxy-shaped and last longer than all other vapes available in the market.

These kits are top-rated among experts that want to try different flavors and with customizations. Its square shape is a well-known, boxy design and is highly customizable, meaning anything can be removed and replaced. These vapes come in very premium looks and designs.


Highly customizable

Dense fumes of vapes

A lot of variety to choose from

Vape Refills

These are small bottles of glass that contain vape refill liquids of many tastes and flavors. These refills come in premium packaging to preserve their taste and ingredients.

These vape liquids come in many tastes, but essential elements are almost the same. Liquid ingredients are mentioned below.

1-Vegetable Glecrene

Vegetable use was the primary research of Gilbert and Hon, and this is the extract of vegetable glycerine, also in short known as GV.

It’s almost 80% of the whole serum packed in a refill tube. Glecrene is naturally extracted from fats and vegetable oils. It’s approved non-toxic to inhale because it’s the alcohol of that plant. This VG simply has some water added to it.

2-Propylene Glyco PG

Since you know VG is 80% of the whole liquid, the remaining is nearly a propylene glycol in your refill cartridge. Some liquids consist of more PG less VG. PG is actually an anti-freezing agent added into the vape liquid.

3- Flavours

The next thing in vape cartridges is a flavor that makes vaping more popular than tobacco smoking. There are thousands of flavors available in the market to choose from. This Flavour contains a minor part of the liquid.


The last thing added to vape liquids is nicotine to lower the craving for nicotine and leave tobacco smoking quickly. Vape liquids do not contain any harmful THC present in regular liquids and are very dangerous for the lungs.

Final Words

Vapes got the market’s attention, and its business is multiplying because people try to quit tobacco smoking as early as possible. As a result, many companies are involving in this business to produce vape liquids that are being consumed.

Vapes and their cartridges are packed well in premium packaging for their safety and to grab market attention. Stampa Prints provides the best packaging and printing solution for vapes and vape cartridges.

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