The Ultimate Guide To The Best Birthday Gifts For Writers

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Birthday Gifts For Writers

Are you looking for unique birthday gifts for the writers in your life? Many people struggle to know what to gift their creative writer friend. Writers aren’t easy to purchase for as you may think.

Yeah, you can buy them a book, but what if they already have it? Most people can relate to being in the position of racking their brains for what to get that writer in their life on their birthday.

Generally speaking, writers appreciate art and beauty, so any aesthetically pleasing gift will most likely be appreciated.

To ensure your names make the dedication in the writer in your life’s next book or script, or play, here are some types of gifs they would love to receive as well as the gifts they deem worthy to hand out.

1. Aqua Notes To Record Their Thoughts

When do you usually get good writing ideas? For many people, it’s while taking a shower or performing tasks that are habitual like driving a car.

The major problem is, during those times, they often have no way of recording their thoughts.

Although it may seem like these excellent ideas are doomed to be lost forever, there are some ways to capture them. While driving a car, one can use their phone’s audio recorder to save ideas that pop up.

Unfortunately, this is not possible when taking a shower. There is a waterproof notepad that a writer can stick on their bathroom wall and use when showering. Therefore, this is a great gift that you can gift the writer in your life.

2. A Scented Candle To Add a Spark

How does a writer create the perfect atmosphere to get themselves into writing mode faster? There are several ways to use an object to spark one’s shiny spot, and lighting scented candles are one of them.

Not only do they provide light and fragrance to one’s life, but they also inspire as well.

Along with a scented candle, don’t forget to surprise your writer friend with a delicious birthday cake delivery that makes them feel more special.

3. A Calming Music Playlist

Music always makes the best gift for writers. Listening to calm music allows a writer to create a space that is isolated from the rest of the world and promote their writing.

As a writer who pays attention to words, one can’t listen to songs with lyrics because it throws them off. But a piece of silent music can help them to focus on their intentions and reach their shiny spot.

Therefore you can gift your writer friend a meditation music playlist of their style and interest to promote their writing.

4. Personalized Pen Case To Add a Personal Touch

Your writer friend can’t have too many personalized pens and cases engraved with inspiring quotes.

Imagine a personalized pen that a writer can use to write that inspires writing at the same, Sounds great right? Online cake delivery in India can bring you both a delicious birthday cake and a personalized gift for the writer in your life.

5. A Fingerless Writing Gloves

Does your writer friend always feel cold in their home office? Then fingerless gloves are a great choice that could help them stay warm, while still allowing them to keep typing away.

It’s important to keep those fingers good and toasty when they’re typing out a story at the PC, so your writer will certainly appreciate a gift like fingerless writing gloves to help them keep those words flowing.

Form and function are what writers appreciate most, and shopping uniquely is always appreciated.

Take stock of your writer friend’s interests, personality, and professional needs to pick a gift they’ll love.

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