The world’s most expensive marriage with Facets and Features


Here is list of world’s most expensive marriage with facets and features.

The lavish $1 Billion big fat Russian wedding is considered to be the most expensive extravaganza in the world. In the past, people all over the world were astonished by several prominent and lavish weddings which were tremendously expensive. But, none of them could touch the massive number of $1 Billion.

Several people in this world mint loads of money which even celebrities can not dream of. These high profile high net worth individuals are willing to spend loads of money to make the wedding look like an extravaganza and a fairy tale which will take the internet by storm.

The most expensive wedding was held in Russia when Khadiza Uzhakhova aged 20 years and Said Gutseriev aged 28 years tied the nuptial knot on 26th March 2016 (Saturday), the total bill of this wedding skyrocketed to $1 Billion marks making it as one of the most costly ever marriage in the world.

The couple did not have to pay the single penny, The dad of the groom is a well know Oil Tycoon Mikhail Gutseriev took the entire responsibility of the lavish wedding extravaganza and has a net worth of $6.3 Billion as per the Forbes magazine.

The bride Khadiza studied dentistry at Moscow state university of Medicine and Dentistry and the groom Said was a student of Geology and Archaeology at Harrow & Oxford University and then went on to join in one of the businesses of his father as a director. 

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Facets and features of expensive marriage

Below mentioned are the various facets and features of this big fat wedding:-

  • Around 600 distinguished guests were invited through the Chauffeur driven vehicles which included numerous Rolls Royce. Fathers of both Bride and the groom welcomed each guest personally. The venue chosen for the guests was Safisa upscale banquet hall.
  • The weight of the gown that the bride wore was around 28 pounds, and it was entirely covered in bling. It was a customized Ellie Saab gown, and the cost of the same was jaw-dropping $125,000. It was specially flown in from Paris, and it was too heavy, so the bride needed the help of others while walking.
  • Apart from this gown, she wore drop earrings, embellished handbag, diamond Tiara & necklace. Additionally, the crown that the bride wore cost around $5 Million.
  • The makeup artist of the bride was Irina Mitroshkina and her hair were styled by Anna Timofeyeva.
  • As expected, a huge wedding cake with nine tiers was brought in for the wedding ceremony. It was covered with pink and white flowers and had a star at the top and crescent as a symbol of the faith in Islam by the family. 
  • The banquet hall looked like a scene from a fairy tale as it was decorated with a lot of extravagances and a lot of light decorations & flowers covered up the entire place. Walls upon walls of fresh flowers and very fancy furniture procured from Paris gave a fantastic feel at the location. Very stylish and elegant fairy lights dripped from the ceilings made the entire banquet hall look like a wedding theater.  
  • The entire event was star-studded with big celebrities like Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and Sting performed on their popular songs. Jennifer Lopez in particular dressed up in different outfits at the regular intervals that included Sparkly silver jumpsuit, black tailored suit & bejeweled leotard.
  • Some of these outfits were too revealing, and the same was criticized on social media as it was a Muslim event. Enrique was very casually dressed in blue jean, black T-Shirt & baseball cap; he sang his famous number “Bailando” Sting also performed with some of his famous compositions.
  • Sting performed on his famous number of desert rose, and soon a group of women and young girls joined him in singing the same. It didn’t end just here; the festivities continued till the next week in London where only close friends and family were invited, this event had performances by the legend Sir Elton John & Beyonce. 
  • Every guest was awarded a jewel box which reportedly had a diamond in it. The box had name of couple and date of the wedding engraved in it The 600 odd guests feasted on the sumptuous spread of Sushi and the European cuisine. 

Numerous people criticized this pompous & opulence show of wealth and extravagance and called it as a “Feast in the time of Plague.” The hometown of the bride is Ingushetia and is one of the most deprived and impoverished regions of Russia.

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Many people posted comments over the social media channels that this money could have been used for much better ways and to improve the quality of life of the people who poor and deprived and struggling for basic amenities like food, water etc.. However, such comments failed to move the parents of the bride and groom and a second event also took place.