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Things You Should Know About Immigration to Manitoba PNP in 2022

Things You Should Know About Immigration to Manitoba PNP in 2022

Manitoba is one of the most preferred Canadian provinces among tourists for its rich cultural history and tranquillity.

Manitoba is equally famous amongst those considering immigration to Manitoba to settle through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. The province offers quite affordable living and promises a high-quality life.

What is the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program seeks out fresh graduates, skilled workforces, capitalists/entrepreneurs, and their folks with the purpose to successfully and financially establish themselves in Manitoba as permanent residents.

The easiest way to immigrate to this province is through the Manitoba Express Entry immigration system.

The PNP operates various immigration streams divided among three types:

  • Skilled Workers Stream (SWS)
  • Business Investor Stream (BIS)
  • International Education Stream (IES)

Skilled Worker Stream:

The workforce requirements of Manitoba employers primarily drive the Manitoba PNP for Skilled Workers.

The employers select experienced personnel with the job skills required in the labour market and recommend receiving Canada permanent resident visa to settle and work in Manitoba. There are two streams:

Skilled Workers Overseas: The Manitoba Express Entry Pathway is one of the immigration streams of the SWO category defined within the purview of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

The SWO Stream focuses on foreign residents who have the necessary skills and relevant work experience to add to the Manitoba labour force.

Candidates selected through the Manitoba Express Entry Pathway will be required to apply for a Canada permanent residence visa. The MPNP ranking system places interested candidates against each other.

Only such candidates with the most compelling profiles receive an invitation to submit a formal application to the program.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba: The MPN Program for SWM nominates aspirants who have good connections to the province through employment, academics and training, relevant work experience, and official language know-how to make instant support to the Manitoba economy community at large.

The MPN Program for Skilled Workforce in Manitoba allows a candidate to take full responsibility for finding work in Manitoba.

Business Investor Stream:

BIS lets Manitoba nominate eligible business venture capitalists and businesspersons from around the world who have the ability to purchase or invest and start businesses in Manitoba. There are two pathways:

  1. The Entrepreneur Pathway: It is for the candidates who are trying to open a business in Manitoba.
  2. The Farm Investor Pathway: Those with proven farm commercial experience, adequate capital to invest, and a plan to start and maintain a farm operation in rural Manitoba.

International Education Stream:

The International Education Stream for Manitoba graduates is committed to providing opportunities to international students, graduating in Manitoba, and getting recruited by the employers in the province. There are three pathways:

  1. International Student Entrepreneur Pilot (ISEP): The ISEP provides up to 20 international students, per calendar year, who have graduated in Manitoba, the chance to pursue business skills rather than employment. Once the candidate fulfils the parameters of their Business Performance Agreement, they get nominated for permanent residence.
  2. Graduate Internship Pathway: This Pathway facilitates faster nomination for international students that have completed masters or a doctoral program in Manitoba through internships contributing to industry innovation in Manitoba.
  3. Career Employment Pathway: This Pathway facilitates faster nomination pathways for post-secondary students who graduate in Manitoba and find employment in the province in an in-demand profession, which is also in line with their training.

Documents required for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The set of documents required are dependent on the immigration program for which you are planning to apply. But, some usual documents that you will require for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program/ Canada permanent residence visa are:

  1. Identity proof
  2. Valid passport
  3. Educational Credential Assessment
  4. Language proficiency results
  5. Marriage certificate (if your partner is accompanying you)
  6. Dependent Children Information Certificate (if you have a dependent child)
  7. Medical proofs
  8. Police clearance certificate
  9. Proof of funds
  10. Settlement plan
  11. Letter of employment (if required)
  12. Proof of previous work experience.
  13. Proof of connection in Manitoba (friends, family, etc.)

What is an Expression of Interest in MPNP?

Under MPNP Skilled Workers, Skilled Worker Overseas, and International Education stream, it is necessary for applicants to file an Expression of Interest to MPNP. Each applicant profile is then given points depending on the answers the applicant provided. Top-scoring applicants are required to submit their request for a provincial nomination through provincial draws.

Manitoba Points Calculator

As mentioned above, points get awarded to the EOI profile of the applicants. These points are given based on the assessment grid. The assessment grid has several factors based on which the candidates receive points:

  • Language Proficiency
  • Age
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Adaptability
  • Risk Assessment


If getting a Canada permanent resident visa is your vision, apply today for the procedure. Take professional help from immigration agencies specializing in this field, become a permanent Canadian resident and fulfil your dream!

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