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Tips For Dating At Pizza Places For The First Time

Tips For Dating At Pizza Places For The First Time

When you think of dates, you might think of fancy restaurants at the top of some tower with candle lights and soft music.

So you might be surprised by how many couples simply grab a pizza in Sayreville NJ on their first date.

It makes sense when you consider that it’s probably a safe bet because you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’d say no to that.

Plus, it’s the comfort food for many, something which you could use if you’re nervous about your first date.

So don’t beat yourself about asking your crush out to a pizzeria, plan it well so that you give a first good impression.

Make Sure They’re Okay With It

While most people would be up for a pizza in Sayreville NJ some may not be. That’s why you should discuss what you want to have for your first date beforehand.

If they don’t want pizza because they follow some dietary restrictions, suggest places that cater to those restrictions.

Dress Based On Restaurant

Not sure what to wear? A safe bet is to look at the type of place you’re dining at. If it’s a fine-dining restaurant, then dress in your finest clothes. If it’s a casual place, then wear something nice and comfortable.

Be Polite To Staff

Your date will judge you based on how you treat the people serving you at the food places in Sayreville NJ. It gives them a glimpse of what to expect when the relationship becomes extra serious.

You don’t have to go overboard with your tips to prove your generosity. Just remember that the staff are humans and treat them with the respect they deserve. 

Keep Your Phone Silent And Out Of Sight

Unless you’re expecting an urgent call, you must keep your phone on silent mode and out of sight.

You can check the calls and messages after your date is over. Checking your phone every second during the date isn’t a good way to show how much you think about your partner.

Plan More For Your Date

Your date doesn’t need to start and end with food places in Sayreville NJ. You can plan a few things to do before and/or after grabbing your favourite pie. Check if there’s a movie running or a park open where you can hang out more.

The more pleasant experiences you create on the first date, the better your chances of earning a second date are.

Mind Your Table Manners

No one expects you to use a fork and knife to eat your slices (unless you’re at a fine-dining restaurant). But don’t gobble them up, eat them in small bites instead.

This will help you savour the slices and avoid annoying your partner. Don’t talk while there’s food in your mouth, swallow before talking.

And wash your hands before and after your meals. At the same time, try not to judge someone based on their table manners because it doesn’t make them a good or bad person. 

Place The Usual Order

Resist the temptation to order some exotic dishes you haven’t tried before to seem suave. At best, your date might find your attempts to swallow the unusual side dish cute.

It’s better to order what you usually eat at your favourite pizzeria. If you’re eating at Mike’s Pizza for the first time, then check their menu to see if they have dishes you’re familiar with.

Talk About Common Interest

Remember, dating at a pizzeria is an excuse for you and your partner to know each other better. So don’t focus on finishing the meal.

Talk about stuff you both find interesting like music, movies, anime, etc. Avoid polarizing topics like politics, religion or international affairs.

Plan The Next Date

If you enjoyed the first date at Mike’s Pizza and think that you and your partner are compatible, then you should suggest another date.

You can try something different so that it feels less like you’re interviewing each other and more like you’re trying to know each other.

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