Tips to Increase Your Kid’s Concentration

Tips to Increase Your Kid’s Concentration

In this competitive world, lacking even a single area of necessary skills causes a kid to lag behind his peers. One such skill is concentration and attention span.

It is nothing new to hear students often lacking in that department and many concerns from parents regarding that. But this is something to be thoughtful about as it might make kids miss out on crucial learning opportunities.

A child during his schooling years have a set concentration level that is not so easy to alter. Therefore, teaching the process of greater concentration level at an early stage has become a must.

Understanding Concentration Level Concept

When a child is capable of giving undivided/dedicated attention to a task or game, that time measure is the child’s concentration span.

This happens when children can block out the different sounds, words, distractions, and so on and still be focused on the task.

Every child goes through the phase where he has to adjust to the more significant stimuli in a preschooler environment like sounds, visuals, and irrelevant material.

Keeping track of concentration span and working on it to steadily raise its level is vital at an early age to ensure focused learning in schools.

British nurseries in Abu Dhabi would always ensure that kids are improved upon this skill. This is the very reason why all schools consist of short duration periods with breaks in between.

Tips to Increase Concentration Level in Kids

1. Game to Focus

Games that often demand attention are the best for kids. Since such games require kids to remember many rules or maybe keep a count or even work their brains to find ways to win, it will grab their attention for a longer duration and keep them focused.

2. Activities to Reach Goals

Giving your child activities that encourage him to complete them will ensure a more extended focus period. Say a puzzle needs to be joined to make a beautiful picture.

Encouraging them to complete it and make their picture is what drives them to a goal. Such activities that require completion needs to be planned, which you can easily find already in execution at the best British EYFS Nursery in Abu Dhabi.

3. Activities according to Age

Every child needs motivation and encouragement to complete an activity. When you give your child easy puzzles that he can solve quickly, he will be excited to play more and sit longer to win or reach the end.

Activities should not be complex or too long that the child gives up early on to keep this encouragement going. But, over time, you can keep on increasing the level of difficulty to encourage your child to sit longer and focus on finishing.

4. Routine and Exercise

It is always best to set a time for everything to fit in a day. Indoor playtime, outdoor playtime, eat time, milk time, and so on. With a routine, a child develops a habit and can automatically work on the schedule and focus on the next area of routine. Inculcating exercise and physical workout in way can add benefit to a child’s focus and mental capability. After all, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

5.Sleep & Nutrition

Bedtime must be part of the routine along with eating as both are necessary for better development and growth of children. The non-negotiable routine must be employed, and kids must be taught to follow through with it.

6. Screen Duration

Watching TV and mobiles are not suitable for kids as the frequency of changing stimuli boggles the mind and does not let it relax. This could be stressful for the reason and decrease the learning span. Therefore, a small fixed amount of duration for the screen must be taught in routine.

7. Reading to Kid

Read stories to your kids to invoke attention and listening skills. They will hang on to your every word if the story is interesting, making them focus longer. The educators at the Preschool in Abu Dhabi have a dedicated time slot to read to kids to teach listening habits, patience, and attention.

8. Breaks between Movements

No matter what your child is doing, stretching it for a long time without any breaks will lose focus and start of boredom. Keep in mind to give your child time in between any two activities.

Therefore, to avoid your child missing out on various learning opportunities, teach the importance of concentration and focus through the mediums mentioned above.

These tips, when followed through from the very start, will ensure discipline as well as a required appropriate attention span, thereby benefiting the overall concentration level in kids.