Top 4 Programming Languages, You May Want to Try

Top 4 Programming Languages, You May Want to Try

In this century every day, we need to develop several applications for various work. These applications help us to do our work easily and also in a short time.

This suggests that for our own products we must create these applications. Therefore we need a language to construct an application. A language which a computer can easily comprehend.

And a person must understand the language as well. We call it the language of programming. Day by day engineers produced a variety of programming languages to operate reliably and easily on computers.

These languages are easy for people to understand. There are several languages for programming.

Today I’ll bring you to the most commonly used programming languages for all purposes.

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1. Python

Python is designed by the programmer Guido van Rossum, who joined Microsoft later. The programming environment is one of the most used languages.

Since this language is simple for beginners and it is also easy for developers to read. Python’s good security challenges are primarily used for designing computer games.

The game developers can do any Python video game very easily since 2D and 3D picture and animations can be created very easily.

Any popular Python apps are YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram and some of the well-known games are Civilization IV, Vegas Trike and Toontown.

2. Java

Java is developed by the developer James Gosling who worked for Oracle’s late Sun Microsystems. This means the Oracle Corporation now owns the programming language Java.

Both programming programs like Mac, Windows, and even in Android, iOS, etc are commonly used for this language. This language is capable of running everywhere. Many renowned businesses and organisations use Java to build their software.

These are Google, Amazon, Facebook, Youtube and others. With this language, there is only one problem. It’s not that easy to master the language. The language to learn is really difficult.

It has many advantages, too. Java is not quick to hack any software. Java Runtime Environment or JRE could be required to run Java. With this, any Java program can be easily created.

3. C and C++

The oldest language is C and C++. And it is also a widely used language of programming which has been used for 25 years. The father of all languages, you can call it. All other languages such as C#, Java, JavaScript.

This is why everyone should learn C and C++ first before learning any programming languages. This language is used for many critical applications and for commercial products.

Some of its well-known applications include Firefox, Adobe, Google File System and MySQL.

4. Ruby

Ruby is an ancient programming language created by Yukihiro Matsumoto, a Japanese developer. This is a language which is very easy to understand.

Since Ruby’s creator made it easy to program or you might call it a humane language. RuBy develops GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud, Hulu, etc. Some of the famous applications.


After all this stuff, I can only conclude that the language you want to learn is completely up to you. Select wisely and launch your journey as soon as possible as a programmer.

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