Top 7 Best Endless Runner Games For Android

Top 7 Best Endless Runner Games For Android

1. Subway surfers:

Subway surfers are the most downloaded game with 2 billion downloads in the recent history of game download. About three fourth of the players have ranked it 4.5 out of 5 on the google play store.

It has millions of fans globally because of its colorful features, background sounds, and graphics.

The game is about a few graffiti artists who try to escape from a cop after drawing in a train and they run in train tracks against the train sometimes in order to miss the cop somewhere.

The player can collect coins and other additional special features like flying colorful jets, high jumpers, coin collection magnets, and so on.

By earning the coins the players can change costumes and make themselves look better and buy different characters. This functionality is found very attractive among the players. Like every other game, it has a leaderboard that displays the highest score.

2. Crashy cats

Crashy Cats is a naughty kitten smashing the way through tall buildings, houses, museums, and offices. The cat will run as far as possible by breaking everything which comes in its way.

This game is very funny and reaches mostly the young players in the world because of its graphical features and funny sound effects. The main aim is to rack up the damage bill which even makes Jeff Bezos sweat.

The players can collect coins and amazing things like hats and shoes for the players. The game looks stunning with mild hand-drawn school pixel art. 

Every level introduces creative ideas which include the cats which collect bonuses throughout the travel. This game was developed by Electronic Turtle for mobile.

 3. Daily seas

Daily seas set the player on a small raft, which points them to an endless sea and challenges the player to survive. The player has to navigate the huge waves and climb by tapping the screen, holding the screen to jump from one place to another to escape the waves and swipe up to dive amidst the creatures which distract us from the middle of the sea under the water.

The most interesting thing is it tilts the screen and shakes things visually with various weather effects and lighting. This gives a real-world experience like a voyager who explores the sea overcoming the hurdles which threaten his survival.

All the hurdles in this game come as a threat to the life of the player. The player can also challenge their friends to beat his score and survive longer.

4. Glitch dash

Glitch Dash is a premium auto-runner that is very hard to pass or win. The game is filled with traps here and there. The player must swipe the dodge to avoid the walls, grids, and other similar techniques.

This game is developed with a deep electronic soundtrack that plays in the background which exactly goes well with the moves made by the player to survive. All the levels in this game are handcrafted.

This game is developed by David Marquardt in Sweden. This game has quality visual effects which make the players to be interested more in the game.

It also has the option to set things manually like increasing or decreasing the quality of visuals and soundtrack according to our device and needs. This game will start from the beginning once you fail to do a jump or dodge or swipe.

5. Jetpack joyride

Jetpack joyride and fruit ninja were created by the same developer. Jetpack joyride is one of the best endless runner games.

It is a 2D, side-scrolling game where the player will be operating a jet so the player must play the full game with a jetpack.

The player has to concentrate more on avoiding the hurdles on the way and collecting coins, upgrades, and power us on the way throughout the game.

This player has every aspect which players love to use such as a jet that is bullet powered, giant dragons and birds that shoot money, and there are other interesting features in the game. By tapping anywhere on the screen the player can fire and fly in the air. The audio and visual effects are catchy.

6. Alto’s adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a non-stop snow-boarding game that is actually a 2D side-scrolling runner game. The players need to travel through mountains, jump, and roll to avoid obstacles on their way. It is set with Alto and his friends who go on endless sandboarding to discover some secrets.

Throughout the game, the player has to collect cards and gifts. It is a simple and addictive game that will be enjoyed by almost all games irrespective of their age. This game was developed by Harry Nesbitt.

This game is very colorful with different gameplay ideas. The players can flip by holding the screen, and jump by tapping on the screen. So the controls are very simple in this game which makes almost everyone fall for this game. 

7. Mars: mars

It is one of the best endless runner games for android. This game was developed by Pomelo games. It has a unique gaming experience with different attractive features.

It has a space setting and the player will be the astronaut, the task is to jump from one platform to another without falling down on the ground or any other place other than the platform. If landed wrong in other places the player will explode.

The players will have rockets that help them in flying and landing. So the fuel filled in the rocket will last for half a minute for each landing. All the soundtrack and visual effects make the players play a little longer when compared to other endless runner games.

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