Top 7 Modern Clocks for Your Home

Top 7 Modern Clocks for Your Home

In our home, all of us need a clock. With this piece, we keep up, display time and adorn a space, especially a wall in our living room, dining hall, office, shop, or bedroom.

Suppose that you have an appointment with your family doctor at 7 pm. Usually, you think of leaving your home after doing all the household work you do in the evening.

No product, except having a wall clock in your kitchen will remind you of your duties and encourage you to get ready to reach a place before the scheduled time.

Similarly to time check or time keeping, this timepiece helps you adorn a space. In this regard, you have numerous options like designer clocks, modern clocks, and wooden wall clocks. Here are a few modern clocks with brief explanation that you can buy for your abode:

1. Buddha Spiritual Canvas Printed Decorative Wall Clock with Floating Frame

It is an ideal wall clock to bring peace of mind, display time, decorate a space with wall art at home. With a classic design and strong wooden frame, it produces no sound and keeps you reminding the correct time until its battery lasts. After the installation, this canvas printed spiritual clock will help you cover up an area of 42cm x 32cm on your bedroom and living space wall.

2. Birds on Wire Wooden Wall Clock

No clock is better than it to express your love for birds and adorn a space in your home. It has a rounded wooden frame with three attached wires mounted on the frame at the right distance.

On these wires, twelve birds are sitting in different positions. In the middle, it has a timepiece that can help you keep the time and do your work accordingly.

3. Designer Numbers Big Size 3D Infinity Wall Clock

If you are looking for something different like DIY (do it yourself) type clocks, this wall clock is an ideal option for you. It has numbers, for displaying time, in different forms – Hindu Arabic (3,4, 5, and 6), Roman (VII), and letters (one, and ten).

These numbers are printed on 5-7 mm thick acrylic that you have to stick/mount on the selected home wall. After that, you can install the machines and hands (for showing second, minutes, and hours on a day).

4. Deer Face Designer Big Size 3D Infinity Wall Clock

Show off your fondness for deer and display time in different spaces in your home with this wall clock. It has the deer face and numbers, dots, and letters printed on high-grade 5-7mm thick acrylic.

Its hands don’t make any annoying sound to indicate the seconds, minutes, and hours on a day. With its installation, you can easily make a home space look beautiful and display the time.

5. Floral Shape White Wooden Wall Clock

It is an excellent option for you if you are in search of a wooden wall clock with a floral shape. The floral shape of this timepiece is made using premium quality 5-7 mm thick medium density fiberboard wood. Its white colour has a fine finish to make a space look beautiful.    

6. Heart Shape Big Pendulum Wall Clock

Whether you want to give a romantic gift to your loved one or show off your love in your home, this Heart Shape Big Pendulum Wall Clock is a great choice for you. The heart shape is made of premium quality MDF wood, and it has Roman numbers to display the time on a day.

It has a big pendulum with the letter Love at the lower end. With its installation, you can cover up around 62cm x 90cm area on your bedroom, living space, or dining hall wall.

7. Black Tree with Yellow Birds Wooden Wall Clock

No wall clock is a better option than this to show off your love for birds and trees while displaying time in a home space or decorating the same. The tree structure and birds are designed and made using premium quality medium density fiberboard wood.

The numbers are inscribed on the tree trunk and branches. Its fine finish and attractive look allow you to beautify a space in your home.   


In search of modern clocks, you can come across numerous options that you couldn’t find above. It depends on you whether you choose the one from the options mentioned above or the one outside of this write-up. Whatever the clock you choose, make sure it matches your home decoration theme.