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Trademark Registration Process in Dubai, UAE

Trademark Registration Process in Dubai, UAE

Protecting your brand is of the utmost importance. However, registering trademarks, trademarks, and copyrights in the UAE can be quite a hassle.

Find a lawyer who is familiar with the methodology required to write a trademark in Dubai. It will take hours off your shoulders.

One of the most points to consider before starting your business in the UAE or elsewhere on this topic is to know the competitors and the business environment.

However, you may come across companies like yours that offer the same types of goods and services.

However, you can easily differentiate your brand with your chosen logo to easily recognise your business.

And therefore; You need to protect your trademark so that no one else can get it without your consent. Hence, the need for brands in the UAE has been increasing over the years.

What is a Trademark?

A brand is a symbol, word, or collection of stories representing and representing a company or product. Since trademark registration in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,

Or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates is an entirely legal process; it is better to hire a lawyer in Dubai to help you manage the complicated legal process.

No other company or organization may copy your trademark or use it for its purposes without your written permission.

Registering your trademark in Abu Dhabi can take a while, but keeping your company or business safe from impersonators is very important.

What is a Trademark Class Systems?

Trademark registered in UAE under “Class System.” Each class of brands includes different products and services.

There are 45 international classes, and it is possible to register a trademark in 44 courses in the UAE. A separate application requires trademark registration in each category.

Registering your trademark in a class unrelated to your goods or services can be expensive and unnecessary.

Therefore, choosing the right type is very important to provide the necessary protection and avoid unnecessary costs.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Take into consideration the main benefits of registering trademarks in Dubai, UAE.

  • It protects the business identity
  • It’s a precious asset
  • It avoids confusion for people operating in the same industry.
  • Protects you from businesses using the identical trademarks
  • Creates Brand Identity

Process To Register The Trademarks in UAE

The process of registering trademarks is simple. Let’s quickly check the process to register the trademarks-

  • Check The Existing Trademarks

Before registering a trademark in the UAE, the first thing to do is to find out whether the trademark you want someone is using or not. And this can be easily done using an online search.

If another business entity uses the brand you choose, that mark you cannot use. Once you have chosen your unique trademark, the trademark registration process comes in, which is even easier when hiring a Dubai lawyer.

  • Fill the Application

You can get the application form online. Open the website and download the form. Fill in the form sharing all important information correctly. Then submit the form.

  • Submit the Following Documents

After you fill the trademark registration form, the next step is to submit the documents carefully. When you finalize to submit the trademark form in UAE, you need to get ready with the following documents-

If under the company name

  • Passport copy of visa page of MD
  • Logo of the company in jpeg
  • copy of trade license
  • Notarized POA
  • List of goods and services

If you register under personal name

  • POA
  • copy of trade license
  • Passport copy with visa page
  • Passport copy and Emirates ID of all partners
  • Logo in JPEG format
  • A Notarized No Objection Certificate from Partners

Submit the Fees

After you have collected all the necessary documents, you will have to pay a certain trademark registration fee.

You can make this fee payment online at the Ministry of Economy Electronic Service Portal. However, this also includes some additional legal fees or additional translation fees.

  • Assessment by Ministry

After you make the payment, the ministry of the economy will check the trademark application. If Moe finds any mistake, they will reject your application. You will have to correct the mistake and resubmit it.

  • Receive The Certificate

If at any time there is no doubt or complaint about your trademark in the UAE. The Ministry of Commerce will provide a certificate for registration of your trademark.

Tt includes your registration number, application date, company name, owner’s name, brand, and a description of your goods and services classified under your company name.


The five steps above can help you to register your trademark in Dubai. Once your trademark registers, it is valid for ten years and can be further extended after certain payments.

Although you cannot register a trademark, it cannot be left unused for five years or be subject to revocation if the trademark is not in use. Granting permission to use another party consider as using a trademark.