Unfinished Toddler Step Stool

Unfinished Toddler Step Stool

Getting on to your high bed or reaching out for washing hands and mouth or the likes can be easy and safe you have the right wood step stool.

The wood step stools should be specially designed to support weight as well as the surface and foot tough enough to resist slipping. It should be capable of rough and tough everyday use, like the Unfinished Toddler Step tool.

This high-quality solid step stool is known to last for years. Children are simply happy to use this stool and one might be surprised how easily they tend to get accustomed with and do their things on their own without seeking our help when they have to reach out for something.

Wood Step Stool

If you would like to learn more about this unfinished wood step stool I suggest you go through the reviews at amazon here. There is a lot of positive response to this stool.

The unfinished children’s step stool is said to last forever being highly durable unlike the plastic ones or other treated wood stools. Though this step stool is meant for children there are some elderly people who love to use them and feel it very solid to support even them.

With many different types of wood step stool available to choose from one can be wary of the highly polished decorative stools which would not serve any purpose other then a stylish piece of furniture which we can definitely not step on. If ignorantly we go for the looks alone we will end up having a step stool which is virtually useless.

Nuby Step Stool

If you are on the lookout for step stools to toilet train your child then you have come to the right place. Step stools are useful for the safety of the child while toilet training.

When it comes to children we have to be doubly cautious when we choose things like step stools as even if it is an aid to help your child climb on they will just do it blindly and if the stool is not sturdy enough it will cause more damage than without.

So the first thing to check for while choosing the step stoolies to see that it has got good grip so as to not to slip off while climbing on it hastily. The next thing to look for is the stool is stable enough. That is there is no chance of it tipping over.

Children while using their step stool would not necessarily step on the middle and very likely to step on the edges and if the stool is not well balanced and strong it will just topple over and the child will fall and get hurt. Last but not the least make sure it is of the right height for your child to reach the toilet seat. These things considered you may go look for any stylish stool so as not to look quite tacky in your toilet.

Nuby Step Stool is quite a sturdy and safe stool. So if you get one you will have no worries about the safety of the child as it is not likely to topple or slip.

So, that calls for keeping accidents to the minimum. The top of the Nuby step stool comes with a rubber finish so as to keep the little foot from slipping.

The stool has rubber base which prevents toppling and slipping from the floor. It is only as heavy as the child can carry it about. It is the right height for the toilet so very easy for toilet training. In short it is light weight sturdy and comfortable step stool.

So why not choose the perfect super sturdy Nuby step stool to make sure of your child’s safety instead of the whole lot of other step stools which will only lend a hand in getting your child hurt either by slipping or toppling and causing your child to fall.

The details of the stool are as follows:

• Made meticulously in United States.
• The overall height of the step stool is 12 inches and height of the step is 6 inches.
• It comes in one piece without rough edges so no need for assembling very strong capable of holding 300 pounds.
• Specially designed for children.
• It is made with solid wood without finish.
• It is supported with plywood steps.
• It is sanded smooth for painting or finishing if required.
• The width of the step is just right to hold the tiny feet of children.

In Conclusion:

The unfinished children’s step stool is solid and stable for safe and easy use for children to do thinks like washing their hands or brushing their teeth at the sink and the likes. It is safe to use without fear of slipping off it or toppling with it.