Unveiling the Most Promising IPOs Making Waves in India's Stock Market in 2024

Unveiling the Most Promising IPOs Making Waves in India's Stock Market in 2024

These are the best upcoming IPOs in India that did the best in 2024. Keep reading to learn more about new upcoming IPOs in the share market listed in 2024. 

That is the total amount generated in 2023 via mainboard initial public offerings (IPOs) by 57 Indian firms. 

What else screams IPO mania if not this? It raises the question: Will 2024 see the continuation of this frenzy? If so, which initial public offerings (IPOs) are market players most anticipating? To address this, let's examine the About new upcoming IPO in Share market listed in 2024 in more detail. 

Who Can Put Money Into An IPO?

This is the list of buyers that the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) lets bid on shares during an initial public offering (IPO): commercial banks and public institutions. 

SEBI rules say that big buyers have to sign a document keeping them in the IPO for 90 days. 

This is done so that there is slight fluctuation during the IPO process.

Regular people: Regular people can put up to 2 lakhs into each new IPO. Under a limit, companies must set aside at least 35% of the issue for small buyers. 

SEBI has also said that all small buyers must be given at least one lot of shares if the deal is exceeded. 

If it's impossible to provide each owner with their lot, the IPO shares will be given to everyone by drawing.

Investors with a lot of money (HNIs) or no ties to a business (NIIs): If an investor puts in between 2 and 5 lakhs rupees in an IPO, they are automatically considered an HNI. 

On the other hand, institutions that want to spend more than ₹2 lakh are not institutions. The only difference between an NII and a QII is that it does not have to be registered with the SEBI.


FirstCry is undoubtedly the industry leader in selling infant and child products. With more than 400 physical locations and a strong online presence, it's an experience rather than simply a place to buy.

FirstCry's revenue increased by an astounding 135% to Rs 5,633 crore in FY23. However, the financials showed a different story, with a net loss of Rs 486 crore in FY23 due to higher costs.

According to many sources, the parent business, Brainbees Solutions, has submitted an IPO filing with an estimated worth of $3.5 to $3.75 billion. 

The firm may be able to take the lead in India's projected US$15 billion infant and kids market by 2025 thanks to its smooth machine learning-powered online and offline shop integration. 

Go Airlines

The best IPO to buy a well known low-cost airline, Go Airlines aims to raise 3,600 crores. Each share will be worth ₹10 at face value. In preparation for its IPO, Go Airlines has sent paperwork to SEBI.

Penna Cement

Penna Cement, a major cement company, wants to raise 1,550 crores through its initial public offering (IPO). 

As part of this IPO, there would be a fresh share offer worth ₹1,300 crores and an OFS worth ₹250 crores. It has already received SEBI's OK for its IPO.

Penna Cement is well known in Eastern and Southern India, and it can make about 10 million tonnes of cement annually.

Keventer Agro

In Eastern India, Keventer Agro, the best upcoming IPO to invest in india is a well-known food and drink company. 

The Keventer Group owns it. To get ₹800 crores, it wants to go public. After the public sale, the company will be worth more than ₹2,500 crores.


API Holdings, the parent company of India's biggest digital healthcare website, PharmEasy, has asked SEBI to let it go public in November 2021. 

The deal amount for the PharmEasy IPO is ₹6,250 crores. This is going to be a brand-new share problem. People who own or invest in the company will not sell their shares during this IPO.

Bajaj Energy

Bajaj Energy, the best in the recent ipo list is one of the biggest private companies that make thermal power. 

It can handle 24,330 MW of power. Through this IPO, the company hopes to get ₹5,450 crores.

In the Bajaj Energy IPO, a new issue share worth ₹5,150 crores will be issued, and 300 shares worth the same amount will be offered for sale.

OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms is a significant internet platform for hotel services that started in 2013. The business has put in for a DRHP for an IPO worth ₹8,430 crores. This will include ₹7,000 crores worth of new shares and an offer to sell ₹1,430 crores worth of shares by its current investors and owners.


Digital Room, an online store that sells cars, also wants to go public in 2024. To give ₹3,000 crores, it has sent papers to SEBI. 

The new shares will cost ₹2,000 crores, and there will be an OFS for about ₹1,000 crores.

The money will go towards various costs, such as organic and inorganic growth projects and general business costs.

Navi Technologies

Navi is a company that lends money, offers health insurance, and manages mutual funds. 

Sachin Bansal and Ankit Agarwal started it. Navi has already begun the process of going public. It might send in its DRHP in the first three months of 2019.


One of the best online shopping sites in India is Snapdeal. With its IPO, this e-commerce giant will give out new shares worth ₹1,250 crores. Some of Snapdeal's current owners and investors will also offer to sell their shares.


The public sale of Ola, another prominent Indian tech start-up, will happen in 2024. 

Several sources say that the Ola IPO will have an issue size of ₹15,000 crores, but this is not official yet.


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