What is an AR-15 Rifle? |Olympic Air Rifle Reviews

What is an AR-15 Rifle Olympic Air Rifle Reviews

This was first produced in 1958 Eugene Stoner for Armalite, it was weightless 5.56x45mm variation on the 7.62x51mm AR-10. The AR-15 rifle is the most popular among many civilians who are familiar with rifles.

Like in militaries, those are professionals who use these types of rifles like a home toy and are not scared by it. The reasons for using rifles are plainly meant to use it for safety and to protect.

This is not as true as you think. In the military, M4 rifles are used and civilians are actually having permission to use a semi-auto AR-15.

The name AR stands for ArmaLite 15 and is an assault rifle. This is popularly called as M-16; this is how the Military people call it as.

This company called Armalite stated in the 1950’s in California and was established by George Sullivan. They created this first weapon called Armalite AR-5 which has speed with a .22 hornet round and was made as a survival rifle for the crew of flight in the U.S. Airforce.

The reason behind producing this AR-5 is because they required a rifle that is not too heavy and easy to place and will be able to escape risks caused in an airplane.

The Airforce chose AR-5 and called it as MA-1, and started to have it for common use in 1956. This is made a perfect weapon because it could also be used effectively in a water landing.

During 1961 the United States Airforce started examining AR-15 for Military use. There is also a semi-auto AR-15; it works by at every single pull of the trigger of the gun there is only one shot fired.

This is a bit slower for shooting in comparison to the Military type called the M4 which shoots 3 shots in a single pull of the trigger. However, the semi-auto AR-15 is quite a good rifle because it lets you focus on every single shot. 

The shooting ability of the AR-15 rifle has somewhat possible recoil if we look at the other rifle platforms. It provides a somewhat good functional design compared to other rifles.

This is an accurate tool created mainly to handle it comfortably for a good grip and with more prominent scope mount and more related things. This is the reason why many professionals and even shooters want this kind of AR-15.

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The AR-15 is firstly made up of two sections, the first section is called the lower receiver and the second is called the upper receiver. Among these, each can be easily interchanged very fast and this can be easy for the one who has been using this.

Because of this extensible movement, the AR-15 makes a standard weapon. This weapon can be cleaned easily and can be preserved, and reassembling is easy.

This is also a multifaceted weapon and if the accessories and right parts are assembled in a proper manner, so it can be constructed into a DMR (Designated Marksman’s Rifle) a highly accurate rifle or as a hunting rifle only when the upper receivers and barrels are switched.

There are many reasons and points by which you can think about buying an AR-15 for yourself.