What Is The 7/7 Rule In PowerPoint?

What Is The 77 Rule In PowerPoint

You will become a better speaker with better and engaging PowerPoint presentations when you become very well aware of the answer to ‘What is the 7/7 rule in PowerPoint?’.

Your ability to communicate with your audience gets negatively affected by badly designed slides.

Losing your audience by the second slide if you do not know how to use PowerPoint effectively that grabs your audience’s attention is a major problem.

The 7×7 rule encourages limiting every slide to seven lines of text, having a maximum of seven words. Keep reading this article to clear all your doubts to the question of ‘What is the 7/7 rule in PowerPoint?

Seven Lines In Every Slide

In this first part of the 7×7 rule, the number of lines of text or bullets on a PowerPoint slide is limited to a maximum of seven, excluding the title.

These seven lines should focus on the main components of your presentation on any slide, thus providing your audience with a snapshot view of the information that you will show them.

Having fewer than seven lines or bullets can also be completely fine. Make sure to avoid adding numbers up just to fit the rule. The main purpose here is to summarize your content as briefly and meaningfully as you can.

Seven Words In Every Line

This means that there should not be more than seven words in each of your seven lines or bullets. You can avoid using complete sentences and can reduce the use of connective words, pronouns, and prepositions.

The aim here should be to give information using keywords on the slide and give the rest of the information orally.

Speaker Advantages of 7*7 Rule

The 7×7 rule helps to keep your audiences attention by focusing on you rather than your slides. According to this rule, you will also have to analyze your presentation for figuring out and summarizing its main concepts while planning your content structure and practicing your delivery.

Audience Advantages Of 7*7 Rule

When any speaker regurgitates information word-for-word, then the audience gets bored, and people may think that the event is just a waste of time.

By using the 7×7 rule, they’re more likely to positively perceive your presentation and retain the information you give them.

They are more likely to remember what you say and take notes as an additional memory aid if they have to listen to you speak actively.

There are certain readability benefits as well when you reduce the slide text. Your font size may be too small in the case of using too much text for the audience to read comfortably. In extreme cases, they can even find it hard to read at all from your slides.

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