What the hell wash and go new eco styler coconut oil gel give away journey to waist length

what the hell wash and go new eco styler coconut oil gel give away journey to waist length

Everyone to tell. We’re doing a demo and review on the new equal style coconut oil gel. And as promised I’m going to be giving away one jar of this gel.

So despite all the negative reviews, I’ve heard about this Joe. I still really want to give this gel a chance and hope that it would work for my hair.

So I’m starting with freshly washed hair My hair is soaking wet. I did add a little bit more water to make sure it was wet and now I’m just adding my leave-in making sure that it’s all over the hair and I’m just going to split the sections and release smooth it into my hair.

So now going in with my moisturizer just point to make sure that covers all of my strands get those and the roots and in the middle.

Once I’m moisturizer is all of my hair I’m going to go ahead and start applying to coconut oil gel and I want to mention that this gel had a really strong scent. It wasn’t it didn’t smell bad or anything. It wasn’t fruity.

It just had a really strong smell which was a little bit different because all the other gels that I used from this line the smell of the gel is very mild so you get a sense too that microbes are starting to pop.

That’s one thing I noticed with this gel is that I didn’t have to use a lot for microbes to pop and be curly and defined.

So I liked that about the gel and I was thinking to myself why did these girls hate this job.

So I’m just smoothing all the products through my hair using my fingers. So like I mentioned before I didn’t have to go back and add gel all I did needed to do was just a little bit more water to my fingers or my hair and just breaking smooth my hair to define it. So this is one side of my hair done.

My curls are nice and fine and don’t worry the white residue will dry clear. So now working on this section right here going in and spraying it with some water.

This is my last section. So it did get a little bit dry while I was doing the other sections so I’m just gonna make sure I soak it down. And then spray my leave-in. So by this point, I was really happy with how my hair was feeling and looking.

Because if you guys saw my last article on the black caster old joke I was telling you guys that I had to use so much gel for my hair to be defined with the coconut oil gel I use way less and my clothes were super defined it was crazy which you guys are going to see in the next scene. So any areas that were a little bit stubborn I went to over with a demon brush.

So this is what my hair looks like covered in all the products. I’m very pleased with this point.

OK. So my hair is still a little bit wet. But I want to come and show you guys how to find micros are like this gel is amazing. Look at that. Crazy to find. Look how it look how tight that Kroger’s. This is how tight that curl is. That is crazy. I’ve never seen my hair curl up this time.

So at night I just slept with a stamp on it. I do have a link for the binder in a description box. So I’m just taking some oil and just stretching out my curls and neck pain up or down that night just because I want to see what my true results would be with this gel.

Says you guys see I have a lot of shrinkages because I’m guessing my hair was happy I enjoyed this product. My crows were shrunk in really the fine. But they were very stiff and dry.

I spent a lot of time stretching and pulling and trying to fluff my hair out but it just wasn’t working. I had a lot of shrinkages which. I wasn’t used to because my hair doesn’t shrink up this much what other products but my hair were so dry and stiff it was so hard to fluff.

So start to get a little bit frustrated because I had somewhere to go and my hair was looking a hot mess. So here’s a close up of my curls. A few flakes are going on.

So this is the next day I slept where I am born again but this time around I decided to stretch out my hair using bands. My hair is still really dry. Has a little bit more movement because of the bands which you guys will see in a second. But I have a lot of flaking going on as you guys can see.

Flaking all over my hair. The shirt that I was wearing before was covered in flakes. It was just a mess my hair looks so dry and so stiff I was so disappointed with how my hair turned out little to nobody little to no movement.

So this Wash and Go was a fail for me. I followed the same technique the same method I use the same products that I always use but the gel just wasn’t working with my hair. It just sucked the life out of my hair. But let me know what you guys think. This was my experience.

If you guys have tried out the gel let me know down below how your experience was. Did you have a similar experience or was yours positive? Let me know down below.