What You Can Do To Manage Company Tasks While Working From Home

What You Can Do To Manage Company Tasks While Working From Home

Due to Coronavirus, working from home has become increasingly popular. Even though remote work isn’t a new concept, the pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty into people’s lives.

Therefore, a lot of companies shifted to remote work. However, one problem arises.

How can you manage people and their tasks while being miles away from your colleagues?

Even though there is no simple solution for this issue, you’ll have to have a couple of tricks up your sleeve. So, check out these ways that can help you manage an entire company from the comfort of your home. You’ll wish never to return to the office!

1. Create a plan

At the beginning of each workday, create a plan of tasks and activities you need to do during the day. This plan should be well thought out and put together, so keep it realistic.

If you don’t create a list of planned tasks, you won’t be able to track success and see how well your employees are performing. How can you be the most efficient when it comes to completing assignments?

Create time blocks for each task. For instance, you can reply to your emails from 9 to 9:15, have lunch from 1 to 1:30 pm and finish your work by 5. Don’t forget to include your personal things in the list as they are equally important!

2. Smartly assign tasks

Since you’re in charge of your team, you should think twice before you assign someone a task. You can’t control the way your employees work from home so ensure that they are capable of doing the assignment.

Each task is a small goal your employees need to achieve. So, what’s the secret of smartly assigning tasks?

Instead of ordering, ask! Choose members of your team for each assignment carefully. On top of that, set the goals according to the SMART criteria.

Your milestones need to be specific, measurable, attainable, reachable, and time-bound which will create a pleasant and productive atmosphere in your employees’ homes.

3. Use time tracking tools

Do you have trust issues that are projected on your employees? If you’re not able to trust them they will dedicate their time to do the work, you can always control how many hours they’ve worked.

Without spying or endangering their privacy, you can install different software and tools that will help you measure the time your employees spent actively working.

It’s commonly thought that people will abuse the freedom once given to them. However, dedicated and hardworking employees will remain motivated and productive. In fact, many people are more effective when working from home as they are more relaxed!

4. Help employees minimise stress and anxiety

To keep up with work and maintain a high level of productivity, you need to be completely focused on the tasks you’re doing. However, many people have trouble with concentration due to high levels of stress and anxiety that are making their minds restless. If you’re a manager or a valued member of the team, try to help your employees minimize stress and relax.

How can you combat stress and help your employees rewind? Try doing different breathing techniques or focused meditation to improve your employees’ concertation and minimize anxiety and negativity. Such skills can also help them achieve their goals faster.

5. Allow flexibility

Even though work from home provides people with a lot of flexibility. Some companies still demand an “in-office” structure. This means logging in at 9 am and not logging off before 5 pm.

However, you certainly know that not all people thrive under the same conditions. Sadly, you can’t affect the atmosphere in their homes, however, you can allow a certain degree of flexibility when it comes to working from home!

Allow your employees to start and finish their work whenever they like. Since they are working from home, offer them a possibility to be their own time managers.

Since you have time tracking tools that can help you monitor their productivity, allow them to have flexible working hours. Such freedom will boost their effectiveness.

6. Communicate with employees

You can’t manage your company without communication. In every business, open communication between the manager and the employees is crucial for success.

So, if you want to be a successful manager running an equally successful business, work on communication with your team.

Assertive communication is essential. However, when you’re not talking face to face, you need a reliable communication channel where you can share information, tasks, issues, or simply chat.

As social media platforms aren’t professional or reliable, equip your workplace by Facebook alternatives that will ease the communication between you and your team.

Such tools are great ways of sharing files and chatting with colleagues while maintaining your and their safety and privacy.

7. Establish daily check-ins

If you want to properly manage tasks for your company, besides communication, you need to frequently check in with your employees. How are they doing?

Are they struggling with something? Is there anything they’d like to ask you? These and many more questions can be answered if you organize daily or weekly check-ins.

That is an ideal opportunity to see how well your employees are doing and track their progress. On top of that, check-ins are useful for mental and physical check-ups and continuous team bond growth.


Managing tasks and running a business from home isn’t easy, especially if you’re used to an office setting. However, these tricks can help you manage your team and stay on top of your game even if you’re working from home. With good organization go great results!

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