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What You Should Know About Water Heaters | Water Heaters Guide

What You Should Know About Water Heaters Water Heaters Guide

Many Countries have set a standard for all water heaters to meet energy efficiency standards. So, water heater manufacturers adopted the new standards and increased the size of their water heaters, they also added more insulation.

Due to these changes in policies, many of the older models are discontinued by companies and newer models are expensive.

Many people don’t really know everything about water heaters which isn’t rare. Before you make a big investment, it’s a good thing to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Here we have compiled a list of things you should know about your water heaters or if you are going to purchase one.

Best Time to Replace Your Heater

Water heaters are your appliance and just like others, they can also break down. Many issues start to surface which may make you want to get it replaced with a newer one.

If issues like water leakage, improper water heating, and a spike in energy bills start to get noticed, then it’s a sign of water heater failure. Other signs may be strange noise coming from the unit, slow recovery, and calcium buildup.

Typical Lifespan

Like any other appliance in your home, a water heater also has a limited lifespan. A traditional water heater will usually last around 10 to 15 years. This lifespan can be increased by regular maintenance from best water heater repair services.

Why High-Efficiency?

If we talk about the total bill for your home, the water heating bill amounts to 15% of that energy bill. The average family spends about 400$ to 600$ dollars on hot water per year and uses 60 gallons daily.

An energy-efficient water heater is important because it can cut that amount and significantly reduce the overall energy bills.

Why does Current Rating Matter?

Every manufactured heater is given an energy rating that is a calculation of its efficiency. It’s often measured when running the water heater under standard conditions for 24 hours.

When compared to a regular water heater under the same fuel, higher current rating ones use far less energy and perform even better in some scenarios.

What Type of Heater Is for You?

There are many variations of water heaters in the market. The first thing to determine is what kind of energy you will be using with the heater.

People mostly use electricity, solar power, propane, and natural gas. If you have multiple options in your home then simply go with the one that’s cheaper.

On top of the type of energy consumption, there are mainly two types of water heaters in the market. You can choose to go with either a traditional or tankless water heater based on the following.

Traditional: It’s mostly seen in the basement of homes. It stores all the water in an insulated tank that is constantly heated.

By using either electricity or gas, hot water is taken from the top of the tank and into the faucets. If water is drawn and the tank becomes empty then it may take the water heater from 20 to 1 hours to replenish itself.

Tank-less: A more modern version of the appliance, it enables you to have hot water whenever you need without waiting for it. They are also called “on-demand” water heaters because they only give you hot water when you need it.

The best thing about it is that since water is not always being heated so it can cut down energy costs significantly.

Tankless heaters can be operated with gas and electricity as well. With the absence of a tank, tankless water heaters are also compact in size as compared to traditional ones. You can save money and space at the same time which is quite great.


The most important factor for many people and the driving force behind their decision making is the price. If you are going for a cheaper option than a traditional water heater will be cheaper to buy and install.

If we go to the other side of the spectrum then tankless energy-efficient water heating will be more expensive to install.

That said, If you think long-term then energy-efficient heaters will save you much more money in energy bills as compared to traditional hearts. So the choice is quite apparent in this regard.

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