What You Will Miss Post Lock Down The Most?

What You Will Miss Post Lock Down The Most

Coronavirus infection has affected the entire world in more ways than we could even imagine.

The trauma of thinking what if we get isolated and quarantined away from our family has not gone from our minds yet.

I know all this is very stressful. But amidst of all, there are few things that you would miss post the lockdown.

Staying at home with family for more than 2 months has changed the inner you and your habits as well. We have been stressed for some while but have enjoyed a few perks of lockdown as well.

I Norman online marketing manager at Creative an SEO and online marketing company would like to share all those things with you just for a laugh which I or anyone of you would miss post lockdown.

1. The extra workout time:

The routine days wouldn’t allow us to spare an extra hour for that extra workout which I have been practising in my 2 months lockdown routine on a daily basis.

My travelling time is saved. Sparing time to meet and greet people is saved. The endless time I used to take to get ready is saved. I have utilised this travelling time for the workout sessions at home watching online videos and online classes.

2. The Dalgona Coffee:

The most viral going Dalgona coffee which had taken internet users by storm.

Coffee is one thing I consume or say many of us consume on a daily basis. But in this lockdown, we discovered a new way to prepare the coffee, click the pic and share as well as enjoy the same.

3. My me-time:

Me time to read books, paint some interesting posters, clean the clutter of my shelf was always in my to-do list. But always got postponed with the routine core. I used to get exhausted by the end of the day.

I would prefer just checking my phone in my free time rather than doing this. All these were possible in lockdown.

4. The comfort zone:

With the summer on, it was super fun to work from home in my pyjamas and loose T-shirts and shorts. Will definitely miss this.

5. The munching time:

I tried so many recipes while at home in lockdown. Who would have thought, I would make Pani puri, cake, bread, pizza at home. Just imagine if we stop buying those and eat homemade food always. In daily routine will it be possible?

6. Cuddling around with pets:

Kids at home. Pets at home. It’s so much fun. We are all together enjoying this lockdown.

In daily core, we are so much engrossed and loaded with work and stress, that we miss giving time to our dear ones.

The chances of lockdown to increase are more. But don’t stress out. We are in this together.