Why certified PC support technician a career option? Know more about Job Prospects & Salary Info


As our modern technologies are updated these days, One of these technologies is the use of computers. It can be a personal computer or an organization computer. As these technologies were beneficial, I often came across various problems. The PC support technicians are the ones I was looking for to help with the problems or operations that you need to manage your computers.

What is a certified PC support engineer?

PC support technicians as the name of the profile depicting the job description such as having experience in the following domains such as troubleshooting, maintaining, installing, repairing and modifying the hardware and software of the PC.

Duties of a PC Support Technician

  • The responsibility of the technician includes creating or configuring new hardware and installing and updating software.
  • They works as pro for computers bugs, and servers to ensure operation.
  • A computer certified engineer establish and maintains computer networks by running troubleshooting programs that can solve computer problems.
  • The representative collects data to assess customer requirements and uses this information to assess network system requirements.
  • They specialize in the repair of servers or telecommunications, system administration, data recovery, programmers, or information systems.
  • These technicians repair problems such as wrong configurations, viruses, spyware and replace all hardware or operating system.

Working conditions of a PC support technician :

The PC support technicians are working to get organizations using computer systems up and running for daily operations. You are the primary employee who keeps the organization’s tool operational. By monitoring and maintaining the company’s computer system, good service and complete operation can be guaranteed. Smaller companies feel that hiring full-time employees for PC support is more cost-effective than running the risk of their organization collapsing due to an incompetent operating system. 

Training needs of a PC support technician

The general requirement for companies to hire PC support engineers is a degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE or INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. There are computer support jobs that require an associate’s degree or certificates, Includes computer repair, computer backup and others.

Occupation and Progress of a PC Support Technician

The PC support engineer provides excellent support in some companies to make sure the computer systems work. Evidence of education and experience is important in promoting this type of work. Improve your skills by training with new ideas to improve troubleshooting and solving computer problems.

After gaining work experience, you can specialize in computer support to improve your employment and productivity opportunities. As the social community grows with the development of superior technologies, there is a greater need for computer support technicians, as they are responsible for the maintenance of computer facilities, especially in fast-growing organizations. They can be of great help to get new ideas from computer users by supporting their needs. Commitment to work is critical to success and progress.

Certifications :

Some technology companies, such as CISCO and Microsoft, offer server maintenance and office equipment certifications. In order to obtain a technology-based certificate, the participants take the areas of solution development, infrastructure architecture and network management.

Job prospects and salary information :

According to the U.S. Labor Inspection (BLS), an increase in computer support specialists, including help desk technicians and technical support specialists, is expected to increase by 10% during the 2018-2028 period. The average pay of these specialistsin May was $ 53,470. The majority of break fix technician salary, computer support specialists who focus on user support earned an annual salary of between $ 31,220 and $ 84,510.

Certain positions as a PC support engineer require a degree in computer science or information systems, while other positions may be suitable for applicants with few IT courses. The common responsibilities of a PC support engineer include removing and installing system updates. Strong customer service skills can be useful in this career.

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