Why Do We People Associate Kali Linux with Ethical Hacking?

Why Do We People Associate Kali Linux with Ethical Hacking

When we go to work and open our computers, we most likely use Windows as the OS.

Why Windows?

Well, if your work is mainstream and requires you to write a lot of reports, make spreadsheets and presentations, Windows is the best OS for you.

Most popular software generally used in most workplaces like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Tally, and so on are compatible with Windows.

Furthermore, most people are comfortable with working on Windows. This makes it the perfect OS to use in a general workplace.

For ethical hackers, Windows or Mac is not enough. The tools they need to use to perform their job do not perform to optimum levels on Windows.

For a professional in cyber security to do his job well, he needs to work with an OS that is actually well-suited to his needs.

This is where the need for Kali Linux comes into the picture.

What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is an operating system that comes loaded with over 600 penetration testing tools and many other functionalities which suit the needs of ethical hackers. It is open-source, which means anyone can avail it for free from its official creators.

The importance of Kali Linux comes from its array of features and functionalities. Some of them have been discussed as follows –

• Kali Linux comes loaded with more than 600 penetration testing tools. None of these tools overlap in terms of function and output, which means that each tool in Kali Linux provides unique value.

Considering penetration testing is the bread and butter of an ethical hacker’s job, this makes Kali Linux highly preferable to other operating systems.

• Kali Linux is free. If you’re interested in ethical hacking and want to learn, you can download the operating system and start learning right away.

• Given the fact that ethical hackers like customizing the OS they use, Kali Linux is customizable right down to the last kernel.

• The OS has been developed by a small team of developers, meaning the possibility of a black hat hacker having an influence in its development is low.

• Linux has a problem with providing support to multiple wireless devices. Kali is built to allow as many wireless connections as possible.

• It is also in compliance with FHS, meaning simply that accessing binary files and other data is straightforward on Kali.

In Conclusion

This article covered what Kali Linux is, its association with ethical hacking, and why it’s important to Cyber Security professionals. If you wish to learn more about cybersecurity, consider joining my ethical hacking course in Delhi.