Why Portugal Must Be Your Next Trip: 7 Reasons

Why Portugal must be your next trip 7 reasons

If you love pristine beaches, art, good wine and don’t mind always having the wind in your face, it’s time to visit Portugal.

Portugal is a country that offers a mix of attractions to suit all tastes. Beautiful beaches, historic monuments, virgin islands and great food. Here are 7 reasons why Portugal should be your next trip.

1. Admire the beauty of Lisbon

The houses studded with shimmering azulejos, the narrow cobbled streets always uphill or downhill, the cinnamon-scented air of the cream pastries, the yellow trams always crowded: all this and much more encapsulates the beauty of Portugal’s capital city. Lisbon is a city that resembles no other, it can be said to be unique in the world. It is also the only city to have a soundtrack, Fado, popular music suspended between charm and tradition.

2. See the “Glorious Eden” of Sintra

Sintra is an absolute concentration of art, nature and history, situated in the middle of the pine covered hills of the Serra de Sintra. Not for nothing, the Cultural Landscape of Sintra has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is one of those destinations at is a real shame not to visit.

Just 30 minutes away from Lisbon, it is full of unique attractions on every corner. There are more than ten national monuments within the city, and these diverse buildings range from extravagant palaces to decadent houses to ancient ruined castles.

3. The magnificent architecture

Cities like Braga, Porto and Lisbon have beautiful palaces and monuments in a style that mixes Gothic and Renaissance, only present in this country. Also noteworthy are the modern works such as the bridges of Braga and Lisbon. Also not to be missed are the azulejos, typical tiles with which the buildings are decorated. The most beautiful and characteristic ones can be found inside the train station of Porto.

4. Beautiful beaches

The ocean always has its charms and in Portugal you can take a dip in its clear waters. One of the most beautiful places is the Algarve, with Praia de Sao Rafael near Albufeira and Praia de Marinha near Lagos.

The icy, turquoise water of the ocean alternates with high cliffs and stunning sea caves. The wild landscape and its impressive cliffs will leave you breathless every time you turn the corner and discover new ones. Thanks to the ocean, constant wind and breathtaking waves, Portugal offers a variety of water sports that you will never be bored with.

5. Spend little and travel stress-free

Portugal remains one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe. In any place you can order a complete dish with various side dishes at an average price of 10 euros, in Lisbon you can even have lunch with 5 euros.

In addition, finding a place to sleep at affordable prices is really very easy, especially if the choice falls on hostels, a dorm bed never exceeds 10 euros per night. A double room in a hotel goes up to 35 euros for a two star. Many museums are free on Sundays, and public transport is also affordable.

6. The great food

On food Portugal offers many specialties that it is almost a crime not to taste at least once in a lifetime. One of the most famous products is cod, which is cooked in 1001 ways. Also famous are the meat sandwiches called Bifanas. A dish not to be missed is the Caldeirada de peixe, a stew of seafood, fish and shellfish with potatoes, tomato and onion cooked in a strange copper pot called Cataplana.

La Francesinha, a toast with sausage slice and fried egg covered with melted cheese, served on a plate with spicy tomato sauce. For desserts, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The typical dessert is the Pateis de Belém, you can eat it in the bakery that invented it in 1837 in Lisbon. It is a small puff pastry with egg cream and baked cream.

7. Wine and beer

Portugal is a well-known wine producer. If you pass through Porto you can take the funicular that takes you to the part of the cellars and go in for a tasting while listening to a Fado show. Otherwise you can always opt for a Super Bock, the most popular beer in this country.